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Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey guys! I finally have the time to update again :) Hm.. this week has been crazy. I discovered a huge spider bite on my knee on Monday and it just kept growing... It started off as the size of the quarter and ended up growing to the size of my hand! (it covered my entire knee!!) I could barely walk on Wednesday. Since I have history of dangerous bites, I went to the doctors on Wednesday. They prescribed me this cream and it finally died down. It's still the size of a quarter right now, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Besides that, school has been crazy. Trying to finish college apps by next weekend! On Thursday (we got off of school at 1 and Friday was a holiday), me and babe stopped by my mom's salon so he could get a hair cut. Then, we went to Self Edge. Babes 18th birthday is next week, so I decided to buy him designer jeans :) I used the money I actually worked for! Feels real good ^^ Afterwards, we went home to nap. We woke up at around dinner time and ate at home with my family. At 9, me, frank, viv, richard, mei, & mikey went to Crepe Temptations for dessert! I tried nutella for the first time... LOL I can't believe I've never had it before! It was okay :P I'm not crazy in love, but it was good! Then we went back to our house and had game night. We played "The game of things". LOOL It was so funny. Played until midnight :)

Today, I woke up super early at around 10am. Watched TV in bed until 12ish! Babe left for work so I spent the morning on the computer, watching tv, cleaning, and etc. Started getting ready at around 3pm. We were supposed to go bowling, but it was packed ): Babe and I got starbucks and sat in the car, trying to think of somewhere to go. We ended up just shopping at Serramonte! I got these ADORABLE winter pj pants, packs of hot chocolate (peppermint, french vanilla, etc), a sweater (with a very cute back :D), & this red top. So in love!! Then, I started feeling real sick. I swear it's my medicine :T Once a month, I suddenly get really nauseous and weak. My insides felt all...weird. It's so uncomfortable. Ughhhhh. After several hours, I finally feel better. I didn't eat for 12 hours -.- Bleeeeh. I'm losing so much weight and breaking out from stress. I dropped down to 81 pounds again :T.... Trying to gain at least 7 pounds!! Stayed home the rest of the night. Hung out w/ babe :)

Pictures from the week:
Random outfit. I haven't been putting much effort into my outfits :T So lazy and tired! I just throw random stuff on LOL I promise I'll start putting more thought into my outfits and I'll film videos soon ^^ New black sweater!
Oh yeah, I finally wore my oxfords. My feet were dyingggggggg -.- Hate breaking shoes in...
Thursday! Layered random stuff -.-
Gorgeous view of the city.
Dessert! Babe and his perfect teeth. SO JEALOUS!
Mmmmm :)

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