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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011-

One of those adventurous days ^^ If you've been following me since last year, you'd know about Dell' Osso Farm. We discovered this location last Halloween and I fell in love. They have rope courses, zip lines, pillow jumps, horses, tractor rides, & etc. For Halloween, they have an enormous corn maze, a haunted house (ranked #4 in California), pumpkin patch, pumpkin blaster, and etc. For Christmas, they have reindeer, snow tubing, ice skating, & etc. We found a day were we were all free and decided to go! (It's about 1 & 1/2 hours away) Me, Frank, Jeanie, Dennison, Vivian, Richard, Mei, & Mikey went. We purchased the package that included the rope course, free fall jump, zip lines, corn maze, & haunted house. We also paid for some pillow jumping :D Some of us were afraid of heights, so they skipped out on the rope course ): Anywhos, incredible day. we started off with the corn maze. They have a NASA theme this year! The weather was terrible since it was raining on and off but surprisingly, it was warm. We went through the corn maze once and didn't really look at the map. We kind of just made our way through. LOL It wasn't scary since it was day time. After the maze, we went zip lining. IT WAS SO FUN. Jumping off was really scary. Everybody hesitated. I didn't hesitate at all b/c the more I think about it, the more I'd wait. So I kind of just leaped off. LOL It was SO fun! The second time around, I didn't hold on to the rope. I just jumped!! God, it was incredible. Definitely doing that again. Then we went on the rope course. I did this last year so it was really easy. They added a new feature at the end called 'walk the plank'. You pretty much jump off this plank at free fall. It was... scary LOL It felt like jumping from a 3 story building! Again, I didn't hesitate. I just leaped. It was SO fun!!! I loved that adrenaline rush feeling. My hands were shaking afterwards but it was incredible. Then came the haunted house. LOL We were all so scared. We were the only ones there!!! It was hilarious cause all the monsters picked on Mei. Then we did the pillow jump. Again, really, really fun. A few of us went back in through the haunted house again. This time, there were more monsters and I actually looked. The last one practically gave me a heart attack. Then we went on this tractor ride. It was really bumpy and made me sick -.- I wanted a pumpkin so I picked one out! We then drove to Olive Garden for dinner. Super yummy! Amazing day :)
That's the rope course and 'walk the plank'!
Corn maze + the map :D
Babe took one of them and went a different direction to try to scare us -.-... LOLL It was hilarious!
Best frienddddddd!
Zip lines :D
That's me that's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About to jump off the plank.
Half way down!!
Pillow jumping. This picture is silly LOL
Pumpkins! I love Halloween :D
(Horrible hair by the end of the day) Tractor ride!
The pumpkin I purchased :D

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