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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Haven't blogged for a long time :/

Sorry guys! I've been overwhelmed with stress. Hm.. lets see what there is to update on... First grading quarter is over ^^ I thought my GPA would be really low but turns out I have a 3.67 unweighted! That's a 4.0 weighted :) Rankings are out! You're ranked by the average of your sophomore + junior year GPA. My ranking is... not as great as I hoped. But it's good! I'm graduating with a 4.18 weighted GPA. Pretty proud of myself :) I started watching Grey's Anatomy! AMAZING SHOW. My favoriteeee show ever. I'm already on season 3 ^^ (Dr.McDreamy has to be the most attractive guy I've ever seen...) Took the SATs yesterday! I did pretty well I think. It was surprisingly easy. Oh and it was Richards + Mikey's birthday. We celebrated :) Horrible headaches these days. I have so much many more photos to post up. I'll get to it hopefully by 2m. Gonna go now. Goodnight! :)

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