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Friday, July 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011-

Yesterday was super fun ^^ Me, Frank, Erica, & Lance went to San Jose. First, we went to Nickel City. It's this arcade place that only accepts nickels :P Kind of cool!! It wasn't all that big and a lot of the machines were broken ): But it was still fun ^^ We had subway as a snack. Played games for a while and got a couple of prizes. The boys got this paddle ball thing o.O LOL And us girls got candy :D After the arcade, we stopped by Safeway for food to eat during the movie. We bought cracker jacks and soda. Drove to the drive-in theaters. It was so cool!!! I thought the bathrooms would be dirty, but they were actually really nice. The place was incredible. I love drive-in theaters! We watched Transformers 3. GO ROSIE!!!! It was a pretty good movie! I enjoyed it :) After the movies, we stopped by Denny's for a midnight snack. Yuuuums. Long drive home. Got home at around 2-3. I was exhaustttttted!! Amazing day. Vlogged it ^^ Here are some photos!:
Took a couple of pictures after filming an OOTD! I told Frank to cut my head off, but he didn't. LOL That's why I look so serious -.-
Laaaaves him :)
The arcade games :)
Drive-In theaters!
We flipped the front seats down and sat in the back :)
Babe pouring us a drink
Babe & I :)
Stuck my head out our car window to take a picture with Erica. LOL We parked REALLY close next to each other ^^

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