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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011-

Slept in! Was home alone all morning. I almost set the house on fire b/c I forgot I was cooking -.- I ended up in my room, scrolling through Tumblr for 30 minutes. The fire was on high and I was boiling water. When I remembered, I ran out, full speed. Thank god all the water didn't evaporate yet :P Note to self: NEVER LEAVE THE STOVE!! LOL Anywhos, spent the rest of the day watching TV. Babe got off work and made me go get Chabaa + Jamba Juice with him :P I went out looking like an idiot. Only he could convince me to go out like that LOL Had dinner at home and chilled with babe. At around 9:30pm, I got ready. Threw on some makeup and a random top. Went to Golden Island cafe w/ Frank, Richard, & Vivian for dessert. Also bought 10 buffalo wings on a pizza store on Taraval. Ate more and now I'm here! I have volunteering 2m so I better get some rest :P

Funniest part of the day-
Babe said "When I was young, I switched from baths to showers. The first shower I took, I felt as if I were drowning. I cried my heart out."

Here are a few pictures from the day:
Keheh... No makeup, in sweats, babes huge jacket, hood on... LOL I had to take a picture. I looked too ridiculous :P
Someone asked why I'm wearing jeans and a peacoat. The weather in SF sucks )': I'm going on another mini vacation/getaway as soon as I can ^^
Finally got ready ^^ Makeup and hair done in 15 minutes :) Random shirt from VS that I purchased 1/2 yr ago and never wore :P
Camera whoring w/ babe :P

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