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Monday, July 4, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011-

Super exhausting day! Me, Frank, Erica, & Lance went to the San Jose flea market. It was 90+ degrees!!! I was dying :P I bought a cute ring, dog toys for Hunty, some fruits, and a pair of earrings for Viv. Not much there but it was packed unlike last time. Umm then we went to Gilroy outlets. I bought a black lacy top and a white button up! Everything was really cheap :) Went to Wingstop for dinner. Us four shared the 50 wing meal LOL Craaaaaaazy! Then we went to Sonics for their yummy drinks! Got home supeeeeer late. I didn't vlog any of it b/c I have a vlog of a similar day to this :P I filmed an OOTD though! It'll be coming up soon ;)
I'm wearing red!!! :O! I love this peacoat :P
I love how my hair looks here. It's so long!!

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  1. awww how cute! i came across ur blog randomly & i adore that red coat soo much >w<
    and lol, i went 2 gwhs too haha ;D