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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My daaaaaays:

Things have been quite hectic for me recently. Mostly just mentally. I've been stressed and unable to sleep. Hm.. yesterday, I spent the day home trying to relax. I played around with my hair and came up with this super cute slick ponytail with a little bit of volume :P I'm going to wear my hair like that every now and then. Then I filmed a hair tutorial. I watched a movie (Picture Perfect). It was pretty good ^^ Took a nice, relaxing Jacuzzi bath. Went to sleep at 1am but didn't fall asleep till 4am....... Today, I got up at 7:30am. Got 3 & 1/2 hrs of sleep -.- Got ready super quick. Babe dropped me & Jeanie off at union square in Downtown, San Francisco. They had this Indonesian festival with all the booths. We are a part of the Hepatitis B campaign! Our group was giving out free screenings for hepatitis B. They took blood samples and sent it off to labs. We volunteers had to go around informing the public and directing them to our stand! At first, it was difficult and nerve racking. However, it became really easy to talk to people :P I always just said this: " Excuse me? Hi! Would you like to get a free screening for Hepatitis B? It's a virus that could cause liver cancer." etc etc etc. Some people were really rude -.- Oh well. I got rejected 75% of the time. Umm we worked from 9-1. That was the first shift. Me & Jeanie ate lunch at west field DT. I only drank a soda b/c I wasn't hungry at all! Then I went back for a 2nd shift. (I was the only one that signed up for both shifts O.O Jeanie went home :T) Ummm, that shift went by pretty quickly. I gave out baseball cards with information on the back :P It was easier b/c all I had to say was "Would you like a baseball card? Thank you!" LOL And when they asked questions, I would say that the dude on the baseball card is the spokesman for our campaign. LOL For the last hour, I just sat at our booth. Super tiring. Volunteered from 9-5. Cleaned up. Went home. The entire day, I was wearing this weird blue t-shirt... It was ginormous but I seriously didn't care. It was very, very hot today. There are ton of weird people out there. 2 old men went by and wacked my ass... I seriously hope it was by accident (although i highly doubt it was -.-) Then this one Filipino guy who had his arm around a girl and was holding her hand, came up to me and asked if i would like his number... I gave him a weird stare and he went back to the girl and held her hand again. I was like.... wha?... LOL This white guy with blond hair pretended to want a baseball card. He also gave me his card. (I thought he was also volunteering so I took it....) On the card, It said "You look great!" I read it and pretended I didn't. So i just stuffed it into my pocket and continued passing out my baseball cards. He walked away awkwardly LOL Smooooooth....... The last guy started an entire conversation with me while i was waiting to get picked up... He talked to me for so long -.- He thought I was in college studying to become a nurse? o.O Idk but he told me so much about himself too. It was strange but he was nice. LOL I finally came home. Ate dinner. Watched Serious Moonlight. It was cute :) Had a strange, interesting, fun, long day. LOL Going to sleep reallll soon. Volunteering at 9am tomorrow. I'm exhausted ):

This was yesterday. I like my hairrr like this. Super clean :)
Picture from today. DT San Francisco. OH! There were these people climbing down from a really tall building.(strapped on ropes) If you pay about $1,000, they let you do that. LOL 100 people did it today.. strange o.O
Self explanatory... Too funny... It was seriously the shape and size of a card, so I didn't know >:/
My t-shirt. SO CUTE HUH?! -.- LOL
B a herooooo! :D

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