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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011-
Slept super late last night so I had trouble getting up >:/ I actually woke up at around 9:30am (earliest all summer...) & left the house at 11:30! I called my ortho to reschedule my appointment and guess what? It moved from 2m to July 14. Are you kidding?!?! Grrrr... oh well. Me and Frank met up with Lance & Erica. Headed to Xiao Fei Yang (hot pot place) @ San Mateo. It was a super lovely day! Erica had to rush back by 1pm but they didn't leave until 1:30pm.. LOL! Lunch was delishhhhhh. Afterward, me & babe took a walk around the city. We went to a beautiful floral shop. It smelled amazing! I bought this little vase flower thing. It's pretty :) After that, we went to this cute chocolate store. LOL Finally, we headed back home. Guess what!??! We taught Hunter how to fetch!!! He brings the ball back and drops it too ^^ So adorable. He learned in literally 5 minutes! Umm, I blogged for a bit & babe took a nap. Jeanie and her little brother, Micheal, came over & we carpooled together. We stopped by McDonalds for food and then went to Erica's house. Me, Frank, Erica, Lance, Jeanie, & Micheal went to Mountain View for laser tag!! We played a couple of arcade games and then did laser tag. I was in the bathroom when they were choosing names so guess what they named me? Obi Wan. -.- LOOL We all got super hero/villain names. Frank was Magnito.. -.- Laser tag was fun, but the equipment was heavy! I had to wear Franks jacket b/c my white cardigans glowed and I didn't wanna be spotted :P... It was 34 players, no teams. At first, we all went our own ways but later on, me & Erica decided to call truths and be on a team. We hid in a corner on the 2nd floor and just shot random people. Everyone finally started to notice where we were and so we had to find a different hiding spot ): Jeanie pretended to be on our team but ended up shooting me >:( LOL! It was hilarious. You know what's even more funny? I ended up ranking #34. In 34 players. I SUCK AT LASER TAG!!!!!! LOOL Frank did the best! He was #20. Technically, he makes up for my suckyness ^^.... After that, we went to Walmart. We all chipped in to get Micheal gold fish. LOL He was so excited!! It was adorable. The boys kept joking around and telling him to name it Mike Ock. (it sounds like my cock...) He fell for it and named one of them Mike Ock. LOL -.- I swear, they're robbing him of his innocence! I bought a new Falsies mascara since my old one is drying out :P After Walmart, we went all the way to richmond and ate dessert at 100%. Superrrr yummy! That was pretty much my day. I vlogged the entire thing!! Hehe, I love how much my boyfriend likes vlogging. He's actually always the one that reminds me to vlog :P Today, he took the camera, filmed me, & said " Hey guys. So we're at the magnificent place with this magnificent girl you guys are looking at right now". Kehehe. Adorable! :) Okie dokes, It's late and im exhausted. Time for bed! I'll upload pictures tomorrow :P (Hopefully I can upload 2 OOTD's by 2m & then get to my Sac vlogs! ^^V)
P.S. I was super giggly and happy all day! ^^ I absolutely love my bestfriends + boyfriend.
P.S. (#2) I officially hate that hot pot place. I split my $100 bill at lunch and they gave me a fake $20 bill. I didn't realize untill late at night... I remember it being at the bottom of the money pile. I remember them staring at me putting it away. Was it really a coincidence that we were all kids? Ugh. I'm SO sure they know. It looks so ridiculously fake. I thought it looked funny, but didn't think anyone would be cruel enough to give it out. Seriously, how could they not have known? I'm not going to spend it on something else b/c I don't want another innocent person to feel how I felt when I realized it was fake. However, I am going to go back to the restaurant to complain. Common. You guys own a restaurant. What's $20 to you?!!? I'm a 17 teen without any income. It's so rude to trick me like that. Sigh..... now I know to ask for another bill if it looks funky. >:/ I was angry for such a long time. I'm finally over it now!

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