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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011-
Woke up superrrrr late! Watched the new episode of Secret Life. I seriously hate that show, but I've watched it for so long that I just can't stop. I just want to know what happens even though it's so stupid -.- This episode was sad though :/ Anyways, finally started getting ready. Spent some time with my boo boo again ^^ He hasn't had an accident in the house for a while now :) Afterwards, me & Frank met up with Erica & Lance at Serramonte! We just walked around and talked. Went to Pet Club & bought Hunter tons of treats! As well as that tennis ball chucker thing :P.. Me and Frank went to Sushi Raw for dinner. It was really good!! We ordered beef udon (for babe), a dinner entree w/ salad, soup, rice, & 3 sides (for me), deep fried california rolls, & soda. Yummmmm! The total came out to be only $35 ish. It was cheap for all we ordered ^^ LOL Surprisingly, we finished everything. After that, we picked up Jeanie & Den. We all chilled at Ericas house for a while. At 10pm, we went to the movies & saw X-men. It was okay. I'm not into super hero stuffs so it wasn't amazing to me. After that, we all went home. It's 2am & i'm superrrrr exhausted. I might edit a video real quick. I actually think i'm going to refilm my room tour. I took it when I wasn't very comfortable with talking and it's boring :/ I think I'll just retake one. I'm going to jump straight to the vlogs ^^V Okie dokes, gonna go now. Long day 2m!

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