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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday, May 5, 2011-
Cramped all day :/ Umm, spent the whole day at home! Babe got off work at 11:30pm (He's been working a lot recently). He still managed to bring me to buy crepes from Crepe Temptations & to safeway to rent movies ^^ After seeing the MTV movie awards, I had to see Twilight Eclipse! I love the Twilight series but never got around watching Eclipse. After it won best movie, I knew I had to watch it. LOL Babe also rented I Am Number 4. He said he loved the movie and wanted me to see it. I didn't like it :/... LOL Anyways, I stayed up to 4am watching twilight eclipse... It was so good! I loved it ^^

Monday, May 6, 2011-
Woke up at 12pm & got ready. Me, Viv, Richard, & my parents went to Serramonte! I bought a really cute striped button up as well as a pink ruffly cardigan :D After Serra, we went to the richmond district for dinner. We had lobster and all that good stuff ^^V Came home and I literally watched Hunter like a hawk for 2 hours. I'm so determined to house train him! He was so obedient today. I think he's getting there :P At 10pm, me, Frank, Richard, Vivian, Jeanie & Den went to eat dessert. Sat there for a really long time talking. It was fun! Here are some pictures from today:

OOTD. I wish SF was hotter so I could wear it as a sweater dress :/
My boo boo! He definitely needs to get groomed... bringing him next week ^^
He kept pressing on my keyboard! LOL This is his confused face... (I whistled :P)
He likes snugging so he decides to crawl behind my back LOL
Dessert ^^

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