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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summary of the past few days:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011-
Me, Frank, Viv, & Richard had a BBQ in the backyard! Super fun and relaxing day ^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011-
Raging waters!!! It was so, so, so fun. Super hot day so it wasn't cold getting in and out of the water. We rode all the rides we wanted to! The lines weren't that bad :D The day was incredible! I'm seriously obsessed w/ water/theme parks now. They're so fun ^^ Oh wait, before Raging Waters, we stopped by Target, Quiznos, Old Navy, etc. We bought snacks and food for lunch. We left raging waters at around 5 I think. Stopped by Boiling Crab and picked up some dinner. Ate Quiznos on the car. Went home, had dinner, showered, etc etc etc. Super long but fun day ^^ Definitely going back ASAP. We bought season passes :) (Viv vlogged the entire day!! I filmed a bit too. I'll post it here when she uploads it :D)
P.S. I AM OBSESSED WITH " Moves like jagger " by Maroon 5 ^^ I purchased a ton of songs on itunes during the car ride LOL

Thursday, June 23, 2011-
Jeanie came over! We chilled the entire day :) Wathced "Killers" w/ her. It was a really good movie! Um.. Idr what else we did but it was fun :D

Friday, June 24, 2011-
Vivian's 19th birthday!!! Got ready super early from excitement. Spent extra time on hair and makeup! Ran errands with babe before the dinner and stopped to buy Viv balloons ^^ Had dinner @ Koi Palace with the family. Took a bunch of pictures, had cake, joked around. We all had a really good time :) Afterwards, we stopped by home for a bit. Then me, Frank, Jeanie, Den, Viv, Richard, Mei, Mikey, David (cousin), Micheal (cousins friend), Jeffery (cousin), & Michelle (cousin-in-law) went bowling at Classic! Supeeeeeeeeeeer fun night. My throat hurts from screaming too much LOL Us girls lost all the rounds )': .. Had jollibees after! Got home at 3. Was absolutely EXHAUSTED. Viv vlogged the entire day so i'll link it when she uploads it :) I filmed a day to night OOTD. Well actually.. its more like a night to midnight OOTD.. LOL Anywhos, amazing day!

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