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Friday, June 3, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011-
I have already posted a summary of that day, so read back :)

New ish hair for the dinner date ^^
I liked my hair in this picture, but babe yawned so I had to put a flower over his face :P
This guy... Honestly, he's the best boyfriend in the entire world. I love him to death. I am truly blessed to have someone so amazing in my life. I go to sleep and wake up with a smile because of him. The love of my life :)
When I eat at restaurants, once I find something yummy, I pretty much stick to that same dish every time I go. However, my boyfriend is the complete opposite. He HAS to get something different every time! This really shows how open minded he is to new things and ideas. I love that about him. He influences me & brings me out of my comfort zone. He makes life more interesting and adventurous :) He's the reason why I'm so spontaneous & open minded today.

Yummy angel wings. Best wings in the entire world!!!
Pad see yu :)
Franks "bloody curry" (I HATE CURRY!)
Me: ooo! Strawberry lemonade. Lets get that! (The usual beverage i order)
Frank: Lychee iced tea? That sounds good.
Me: Are you sure that'll be good o.O ?...
Frank: Who cares, lets try it! It sounds cool.
It turned out to be ridiculously tasty ^^
Bowling ^^
Dessert :)

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