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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recap of my Sacramento trip-

Sunday, May 29, 2011-
We spent the whole day packing and preparing for the trip. Went to Safeway to buy last minute items! I went without makeup, in flip flips & a hoodie :P .. Then we washed Franks car. Went to sleep pretty early!

Monday, May 30, 2011-
Woke up at like 7:30am to get ready. Left the house at 9:30am. Me, Frank, Viv, Richard, Mei, & Mikey stopped by Subway in the morning to buy sandwiches for lunch since theme park food is so expensive :P Then we headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! It was packed...... Only got to ride Sky Screamer (the new ride) & Boomerang. We watched the tiger show though :D It was so packed that we decided to just come back some other day since we all had season passes. We left at around 3pm and ate lunch in the parking lot! Then we drove to the house :) We put all our stuff down, fixed up, & left for boiling crab. It was so much spicier than usual O.O LOL My lips were all swollen!! The wait wasn't too bad. After that, we stopped by Walmart to pick up some stuff we forgot to bring. (hand soap, dish soap, dish washer sponge, eggs, ketchup, etc.) Finally got back to the house and unpacked. We all slept in the 3 rooms that were clumped together b/c the master bed room was creepy O.O LOL We played games for a bit & then had In & Out ^^ It was right across the street!!!!! I couldn't resist. There was also Safeway, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, & all that good stuff right around the corner :) So convenient! After that, we all chilled for a bit & slept at around 1am b/c we were super tired.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011-
Woke up super early at around 10am. The boys went to buy Starbucks while us girls made an all American breakfast :D We had sausage, eggs, hash browns, bacon, & pancakes. Yum ^^ Then we all got ready. The boys found the Sky Zone which is a house filled with trampolines. I've been wanting to go to one of those for months now! We had to kill some time so we went bowling :) It was ridiculously cheap! (Everything at Sac was so cheap compared to SF) $1 per game & $1 for shoe rentals. LOL It was girl vs boys. First game was just warm up. Second game, we bet on who washes the dishes that were currently in the sink (from breakfast). The boys lost ^^V Then next round was who washes the dishes after dinner. We lost ): LOL It was really fun. The bowling place was SO old .... The balls took forever to come back and the machines didn't work right. LOL It was funny. After that, we went to Sky Zone. Supeeeeeeer fun but really tiring! LOL We played dodge ball and all that good stuff ^^ My favorite was the foam pit. LOL I was too scared to do a front flip though... We left at around 7pm. Got home and us ladies made dinner. We had chicken alfredo pasta or spaghetti. Tons of side dishes as well. SUPER YUMMY!!! Loved dinner. LOL What was funny was that when the boys washed the dishes, they fought for the easiest ones to clean and left the nastiest ones for whoever did their job last. When the girls washed the dishes, we were so friendly & fighting to do the work. LOL We even cleaned the entire kitchen :) After that, we stayed up for hourrrrrs playing games since it was our last night. We played that Chinese dice game? In the cup? LOL It was really fun. We also played spoons, marco polo (LOL), steal the bacon, & other random ones. We ended up sitting on the floor doing gymnastics and trying to break dance. LOL Went to sleep really laaaaaate.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011-
Woke up at 9am! Got ready & the girls made quesadillas for breakfast. Ate, packed, & got ready to leave ): Mei & Mikey went home while me, Frank, Viv, & Richard went to Vacaville outlet! I bought a juicy couture hoodie, an aldo bag, & a Gucci bag :) Babe bought a Coach wallet! After that, I had Carls Jr. & then we went home. Had dinner w/ family & then chilled for the rest of the night!

Overall, my little vacation was amazing. I had so much fun :) Living in a suburban area was a little scary at night. I'm the type that believes in ghosts and monsters. That and I watch way too many crime shows so I'm always scared of actual human beings invading the house. It was funny cause Mei was actually more scared than I was!! LOL I slept w/ pepper spray next to my bed & babe had a knife -.- It was superrrrrrrrrr fun. We might go to LA for our next vacation but we're not sure yet :P I love summer! ^^

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