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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011-
Super fun day again! Woke up pretty early at around 11:30am. Made breakfast for me & babe ^^ We chilled and watched Seven Pounds again. I forgot how much i love that movie!!! LOL At around 5pm, I started getting ready. Me & babe went to Be My Guest for dinner! It's the Thai restaurant we went to for Valentine's day. That's our go-to romantic restaurant. I love it there! :) We had a really good time at dinner :D After dinner, we met up with Lance and Erica at Serra bowl b/c she had these coupons! We bowled at around 10pm for an hour. We did couple vs couple. They won 2 rounds, we won 2 rounds :P Umm, after that, we all met up with Jeanie and Dennison for dessert. Had a really good long talk with them and again, super yummy food. Got home at midnight, edited another video, & I just uploaded it! LOL I'm rushing it b/c i want to get to the vlog i made last night ^^ I might just clump a couple outfits together b/c this is getting annoying ): I swear, i make the shortest videos in the world. LOL I took a ton of pictures today but i'll upload them next time since i'm tired :P I twitpic a lot now so follow me on twitter if you want real time photo updates! Anywhos, thanks for everyone who is supporting my videos! I was pretty reluctant to upload them but i did it & got positive feedback! Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it ^^ Have a lovely weekend guys! Xoxo

Videos uploaded today-

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