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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My week!!!
Haha, so much for coming home and updating you guys -.- Anywhos, i'm going to do it now :) I don't remember much, but i'll try the best i can!

Monday, May 9, 2011-
School, home, study, sleep! I started to feel like i was catching a cold )':

Tuesday, May 10, 2011-
Skipped school to study and rest. I literally studied all day long. It was crazy!! Oh, and i got my period. For once, i didn't cramp & it came on time. Acupuncture is working wonders. So happy!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011-
Woke up at 5:30am to get ready. Got to school at 7:15am. Took my AP English Language & Composition exam! My proctor was a jerk. I hated him so much -.- I was already stressed and angry and to add on to it, he yelled at me for no reason!!! GAAAAH. Oh well LOL Anywhos, the exam ran late so i had to go to my AP Statistics one right after! I didn't have any time to eat )': Both exams were okay. Got home at like 5pm. 9 hours of testing.... My brain was fried. Watched "Easy A" for a while & fell asleep at 7:30pm. Got 12 hours of sleep. :)...

Thursday, May 12, 2011-
School was really chill since i finished the final + AP exam for 3 of my classes. Movies + food all day long ^^ I'm pretty sure i went somewhere after school... i just don't remember where :/ Oh, and that night, i totally forgot i had homework and a test the next day. Started homework at midnight -.- Bad idea. OHOHOH I remember where i went!!! After school, we went straight to Sports Basement b/c babe wanted to buy something. We stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge ^^ So pretty. After Sports Basement, we went to eat lunch at this hamburger shop near my ortho. Then i went to ortho ): How the heck did i forget all of that -.- LOL

Friday, May 13, 2011-
Yaaaaaay for friday!!! School was eeeeeh. After school, Erica came over ^^ We had some what of a girls day LOL We talked, chilled, watched TV, ate dinner, & then i did her nails for prom. They turned out SUPER preeeeeetty :) Then Jeanie + Dennison came over. And then Viv, Richard, Mei, & Mikey were here as well. We all went out for dessert at 100% at midnight. I had a reaaally good day :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011-
Slept in thinking i wasn't going anywhere but at the last minute, babe told me that he would bring me shopping at Serramonte ^^ Yaaaaay! Finished watching "Easy A" & got ready. Babe picked me up at 6pm ish right after he got off work. I haven't felt this stress-free for a while. So it was really nice to go out ^^ I bought a necklace, a pair of earrings, 2 lace shrug type things (one pink, one black. Since summer is rolling around and i have a lot of cute dresses, i thought it would come in handy for the fancy dinners babe is planning to take me to :D), a new leash & body harness for Hunty (he needs a medium now! LOL My baby is growing up :P), & a few bags of chips. Babe bought a TON of t-shirts O.O After Serramonte, we went to S&E cafe with Jeanie and Dennison for dinner. Had a good time chatting ^^ Came home and watched "One Week" while doing my nails. Oh. My. God. Favorite movie EVER. So inspirational. It made me cry )': I love watching random movies on netflix. I usually watch romance ones made back in the 1900's... LOL I like old fashion movies :P This one was made in 2008 or 2009? But it was pretty old fashion looking as well. If you're not into deep, inspirational movies, you'll probably hate it. But if you like movies/books that makes you think about your life & all that, you'll love it! Slept at 3am :P

Sunday, May 15, 2011-
Woke up pretty early today! Made myself pancakes & sunny side up eggs. Made Frank watch "One Week" but he fell asleep -.- LOL He has work in a little bit :/ Going to upload up photos and do my homework. Maybe watch another movie? :) I love just relaxing. Less than 10 days of school left. SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!!!!! Once school ends, we're going on a getaway trip to Sacramento ^^ Living there for a day or so. So exciting!!! I'll definitely VLOG all that. Oh, and we're stopping by Six Flags and all that on the way. YAY!!! Mkay, gonna upload photos now. :)

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