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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011-
Great America school field trip! ^^ Went to school for one class & then me + babe drove to PGA ourselves instead of going by bus. Viv & Richard (her friend) also came :) It was fun, but i honestly don't like PGA as much as Six Flags :/... Theres not that many rides! Usually, after a ride, i want to go again & again. But at Great America, i didn't like any all that much. Sigh.. definitely getting a Six Flags season pass this summer again :D.. Even w/ my disorder, i'm still riding the coasters and rides. I'm supposed to 'be careful' but i didn't feel all that bad! After a ride, my vision would blur a little & i would be a little light headed, but it wasn't that bad. LOL One thing thats different is i get nauseous easier :/.. My stomach started turning after all the ones that spin and flip. LOL Overall, i had fun! ^^ + I had funnel cake. Yaaaaaaaay! Went home early b/c we were tired. Stopped by McDonalds. Went home. Ate dinner. Napped. Did homework. End of day ^^ (It is exhausting to do homework after an amusement park...)

This one turned out pretty bad :P...
In line for Vortex ^^
Waiting for the boys to ride drop zone!
Viv & I (Taken w/ her bloggie. The lighting is pretty)
After all the rides. About to leave the park!!

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