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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011-
Happy Easter!!! I missed Easter last year, so i was so excited to actually catch it this time around. LOLL Anywaysss, i didn't do much today. Stayed home, chilled, ate buffalo wings, painted eggs w/ babe, edited vids, & etc. I'm currently putting up a video & it'll probably be up by 2m morning. I'm planning to do a TON of hair tutorials. (I'm going to try out a bunch during the summer. Half up, braids, head bands, bows, clips, styling my bangs differently, etc) If you have any other requests, leave them on my formspring! I have to get to bed early today since i have plans for 2m. Gonna sleep now, nights! ^^

My cute egg ^^ (P.S. We used paint and brushes. Not markers! So it was pretty hard :/)
Babes Samus LOL! After this, he got discouraged )': Poor baby... I think its pretty cute? :D

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