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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011-
School was eeeeeh. Had a lot of free periods since the APUSH students were on a field trip. After school, me & babe went to lakeshore & bought wings from pizza hut ^^ They were 50cents each since its a wednesday. Came home, ate, chilled, watched tv, played w/ hunter, did homework, ate dinner, watched more tv, & etc. He usually sleeps at like 9 (i know right) but today, he slept after 12am since its our anniversary ^^ I gave him the little notebook we worked on exactly a year ago. At that time, we didn't have money & weren't able to do all the activities i planned. Now that babe has a job, we'll spend every anniversary doing something from the notebook :D I completed it w/ like 30 something ideas! LOL We'll probably end up doing it on random days :P Dinner date is moved to sunday. The place we're eating at is completely reserved for friday and saturday )': Its a place where a lot of weddings and engagements are held O.O IM SO EXCITED. Eeeeeek. Ummm.. tomorrow, we might just go to the park and movies after school. No big celebration till sunday! I hope the little gift i ordered for him comes ASAP. I'm so excited to see it! Mkay, i'm gonna plan an outfit and sleep. Nighty nights! (Oh btw, i can finally eat a bit again! ^^)

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