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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 11, 2010-
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At first it was sunny so we decided to go to the beach...
And when we got there.. bumbumbum......!!!! LOL
So we went to malibu! ( I'm in a beach outfit :/ ) I decided to take some pics while waiting for them.
Awkward? :/
Everyone arrived so we played mini golf. I camera whored ^^V
I like this one.
Babester ^^
Me and Jeanie, self timer!
It got hot so i took my jacket off. The point of my top were the buttons on the shoulder area. It looks sailor ish and theres 3 gold buttons on each side. :P My hair is flaaaaat in the rest ):
Moded much?
I love this one!
Gotta stop doing that w/ me leg :P
Obsessed w/ this :P
LOOOOOOL Hate this but for some reason, i find it funny ^^ I have no idea what i'm doing...
I love this ^^V
Jeanie messing w/ my camera :P Erica, Me, & Frank.
I LOVE THIS PICTURRRRRRE. I left it extra large so click it! :)
Take two!
Heheh ^^
Blurrraaaay :/
Other random pics :P
Its so pretty ^^V

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