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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How hard would it be to simply leave it alone?
I am genuinely upset about what the internet has become. Most of us use it to express our creativity without being judged as an individual. What has it become? Look around you. There isn't a single moment where you don't see constant criticism. We're all human & we all feel. I don't see the need to pick out every speck of flaw and discuss it. You judge our entire character due to a simple word or action. You would go out of your way to lower anothers self-esteem. I don't comprehend... Does it make you feel superior? Does it make you a better person? Is it necessary to drain the energy from another who is simply minding their business? We're all human. We all have flaws. Do you need to go about, dramatically emphasizing a simple fault? How hard would it be to simply leave it alone. Okay, so you don't necessarily like everything i do. I don't presume you to. But would it really kill you to walk away without stating something rude and vulgar? Think about it. You're judging us when in the mean time, you're just dragging yourself down. So tell me.. What does that make you?

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