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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010-
( 10 more days till another ann ^^V) Heeey thereee! I'm gonna blog real quick cause its kinda hard to type ): I broke a nail today afterschool! LOL Babes car was wet from the rain and my hand slipped on the door handle... ): My 4th fingers nail was literally pulled off ( only 1/2 of what is was is left, and you guys know how long my nails are -.- ). My picky & middle finger chipped ( which i really don't care about ). It started dripping blood -.- ... disgusting. I was jumping around LOL Babe tried wiping it but it hurt SO bad so i ended up letting the blood dry itself :/ Sigh.. i can't even touch that finger! LOL It still bleeds once in awhile.. Ew. Anywhos! School was pretty chilled today. Barely any hw this weekend O.O! So after school, i changed ( wore a crappy outfit to school ) & fixed up hair/makeup. Me and babe picked up lance and erica. We went to great mall :) Erica brought mochi stuffs and donuts. YUMMY... i want more... LOL We shopped for a really long time. I got a sweater shrug thing, a knit hat, a warmass jacket, and a ring. I really like everything :) I really wanted this sheer cream button up top but it was like.. $10 and it wasn't worth it. It had a bow in the front & puffy sleeves ): It's the style i wanna convert to but i didn't wanna waste my money on something really thin... sigh... i regret :/.. Oh wells? LOL After great mall, we drove to wing stop? I hate that place O.O Its so nasty :X LOL We sat in the car at 11PM trying to think of somewhere to go. We were supposed to watch Devil but it was too late :/ We were gonna go to twin peaks but it was foggy so we ended up going home. Uhmm... dropped erica and lance off, etc, etc. I love long car rides :) It gives everyone time to bond. LOL Showed my momma everything i bought and she likes ^^V Hehe. K, i'm gonna put in a movie. HOLY, its 1?! Maybe not then :/ Babes knocked out... LOL kk goodnight! Long day 2m ^^V Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

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