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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010-
Today was super longgggg! Woke up at like 9 to get ready. Everyone was runnin late :/ Umm, ate pancakes for breakfast. Got ready, left the house at 11AM ish! It was me, frank, jeanie, dennison, erica, & lance! Frank drove :P We used his ipod as GPS & brought a cooler. FIRST ROAD TRIP! WOOOOOO! LOL Radio. Talked. Etc etc etc! Got there pretty quickly. Got our shits together, took pics, put on sunscreen, etc. It was so sunny & hot, i loved it!!!!!! Ummmm, rode the car thing to the park. Went on the swings, V2 twice, tony hawks big spin, hammerhead shark, roar, & etc. OH, and that fucking water drop. I covered Vivian so she was all dry ( Vivian & Christian drove by themselves ) but i got SOAKED! Sigh... ): Anywhos, went to eat lunch back at the car at like 5-6PM. By then, we didn't wanna go back. LOL We were tired! Didn't get to ride medusa this time but we're definitely going back ^^ Ate in the car, it was nice cause we flipped the chairs down :) Umm, took hella long to decide where to go. Then we decided to go to
Scandia which was like 15-30 mins away. LOL There was laser tag, rock climbing, racing, arcades, mini gold, cage batting, boats, & etc. We kept messing w/ the workers LOLLL It was funny. Umm, after a longass time of deciding, we just went to do the batting cage shits. Everyone did it but me cause i SUCK at baseball/ softball & i would literally miss every ball. Either that or i'll get hit. LOOOL Anywhos, we ended up taking hella pics ^^ My hair was all flat so i don't like them but its for memories. By then it was already 7 ish so we decided to drive farther down to Vacaville outlets! Hehehhhhhh... took another like 15-30 mins & we only had an hr to shop!! Went to rave, rue 21, Charlotte russe, & coach. I bought a coach make up bag for like $30 ish. ^^ Ummm... then we drove to this dennys. It was fucking deserted & creepy... LOL Went in and the waiters were fucking bitchy. We stood outside for 10 mins waiting to get a seat but since they didn't even pay attention, we decided to go sit down ourselves. Took them fucking 20 mins to give us menus. We kept calling for them and they ignored us on purpose. We were so fucking pissed and hungry. I sweaaaaaaar -.- ... then FINALLY this waiter comes and tells us we're supposed to wait outside and we're like " We did. For 10 minutes. " & he's like " Oh, theres a waiting line " NO. THERES NO WAITING LINE. YOUR STORE IS PRACTICALLY EMPTY. Omg. LOL Took them hella long to serve us and they look pissed the entire time. Sigh.. Oh well, my dinner was only like $9 and it was delish! Went back to the car & drove home. By then.. it was already 11PM. Frank isn't allowed to drive past 11... heheh.... or drive other people .. heheh ... LOL Anywhos, got to ericas at like midnight ish. Dropped her & lance off. Then dropped Jeanie & Dennison off. We got home past midnight! LOL Today was the best day of summer. Or .. more like the only day that FELT LIKE SUMMER. We're gonna do this hella now. LOL Yayers! Beach board walk & flea market next week. Then sixflags the week after? Yayers!!!!!!!!!! LOLL TODAY WAS HILARIOUS. I love them. Btw, its a fucking COOLER, not an igloo. Idk why it bothered me LOOOL Idc if that was the brand, its a COOLER!!!!!!!!! Okie dokes, pics 2m. Goodnight!

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