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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let me share w/ you-
Busy ass weekend! Feels like summer already! :) Woke up at like 12 this morning w/ a hugggge headache. Got ready & left the house by 2. Me, mom, dad, frank, vivian, christian went to great mall. Uhhhhh.. there wasn't much there ): Either that or i just ran outta things i want. LOL I'm waiting for china to buy more heels & purses. I can't wait! I'm leaving in less than a weeek. Oh boyyy. I bought a tan top/ dress, tan tank, black lacy dress ( i know, i said no more lace ), & a gray sheer loose top thing. LOL Bought erica her lash glue. Bought 48 chain bracelets for our online shop. I'm gonna buy pearls in china & string them together. Then imma add a couple of chain bracelets. Then imma tie it w/ a lace string ( or satin ). Theeeeen im gonna post them up and sell them. How much would you guys pay for it? LOL Sounds annoying to make but eeeeh, i think they'll sell. Okie dokes, i'm off to do my homework. Im cooking up chicken fries :) Yuummay! Finals 2m and wednesday. Sighhhhhh.
Hang in there, steph.

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