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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Day !

Today, was a lil bit different then the rest. As you guys heard, my boyfriend wasn't going to school today ): Hm, i managed to get through the day perfectly fine. I was pretty happy too ! I called & texted babe throughout the entire day. It was kinda like .. a crushing thing all over again. Heheh, i liked the feeling. Spent lunch w/ Sandy ( ) ! Talkeddd :) It was pretty interesting ! LOL If your reading this, thanks for spending time with me :D Ummm, got home at like 1. Was gonna take + upload more stuff on our website, but i realized my boyfriend has my camera ): I played games for 2 hours. & then watched " The secret life of the American teenager. " online. I still haven't caught up yet ://

Thanks for the people who IM me on aim or posts on my formspring. You guys say the sweeeeeetest things ! & it seriously makes my day :) A ton of people from my blog IM me so don't hesitate ! I'm here to listen :) " x smooooooch " As long as im not busy, you can get at me !
" Gravity can't not be held responsible for people falling in love. "
Did anyone feel the earthquake today ? LOL I thought someone was shaking their leg -.- That reminds me, i JUST found out about the incident w/ the seals @ Fishermans Wharf. Kinda late, i know. I'm scared ! No, more like terrified of natural disasters. Seriously though, i don't wanna die ! AHHHHH. LOL

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