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Monday, January 25, 2010

Robo.To !

I found a new mother fucking website. FUCK YEAAAH.
So basically, you record mini clips :) I can't talk & i get nervous so this is PERFECT for me. LOLLLL I look retarded. The clips can only be like 5 seconds long though :/ Uhhhh ... yeaaah. Just testing it out. LOOOK ! Okay lemme make myself clear. If i see this EVERYWHERE after a month, i will hunt you all down. Look what happened to Formspring.Me ! -.- My godddddd. Seriously though, i'm gonna be selfish. THIS IS MINE ! Go find yourself something else. Thanks !

Making another one in a second :)

If i have more vids, just click the right and left arrows to scroll through them. Or, you can click archive :)

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