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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News (:

Leaving San Francisco on June 6 or June 8 to SHANGHAI ! We're gonna stop @ Canada for a few hours and then switch flights cause its like HALF the price. My boyfriend & my sister's boyfriend are coming along ;) Sounds so so so fun. Going on Air Canada so it's kinda new to me. I'm terrified of airplanes so i searched them up. LOL They haven't had a major accident in a decade so i think i'll be okay ... Here's how the inside looks ! :
Yayy, they have those personal televisions ! :))) I love those. Uhhhhh ... about blogging while i'm away. Hm, blogspot doesn't work in China ): I tried last year. I'm gonna check if tumblr works & maybe i'll transfer to that for the time i'm away. I hope formspring works ! LOL I'm getting kinda fed up w/ all these dumb posts though. I might want that month as a ' vacation ' off my blog. You know ? Would you guys care ? Or should i just make a tumblr for that month ? Tell me what you think ! I'm so excited AHHHHH !

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