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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let me share with you-

Helllllo ! Whoah, i was home all day and barely posted. So babe woke me up @ 7:00AM & said he was leaving. I hate waking up to that >:/ But yeah, i walked him out & stufffs. He had to get home before 7:30 cause his parents wanted the car. Uhhhh i continued to sleep. Woke up at around 1:00 ? Hehe. I pretty much just sat here all day doing absolutely nothing. It's 8:30 and i haven't started homework. Oh goddddd. I only have a summary to write though & then i'm all done ! I showered & everything already. I gotta clean my room & put shit away; its a mess. Hmmm, yup, that's about it. It's gonna rain really badly tomorrow so imma be in a plain hoodie. Three more days till our anniversary ! We were planning to celebrate on Saturday. Picnic in the parrrk, romantic setup thing, Dinner of some sort, & something sweet @ night ? Idk yet. LOL I hope it doesn't rain ):

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