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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let me share with you-

I haven't blogged in a while ! :/ Sorry guys ): LOL Anyways, i already finished homework so imma blog for the rest of the night. Hm, i never talked about my day yesterday !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010-

I can't remember much. I just know my day SUCKED cause of the wind. LOL Omg, so after 5th period, i decided to go the ourdoor way to my next class since it was only sprinkling. My 5th & 6th period are at the opposite ends of the entire school. Like, its the farthest away as possible -.- So i'm walking outside and its just sprinkling. Literally a second later, it starts raining. Another second later, it POURS. It felt like someone was pouring water on me -.- ... Omgggg, the rest of the way to class was hell. LOL The wind was SO big, it was hard to walk. Goddamnnnnnn ! Babe walked me all the way though, so h
e tried to block it. I walked in class, dripping with water from head to toe. Everyone stares at me like IM crazy LOL It's not like i wanted to get soaked ! My godddd, everyone kept laughing cause it looked like i got pushed into a pool. Guhhhhhhh. My make up was rolling down my face LOOL & my eyelashes started falling >:/ I was freaking freeeezing. It sucked ! Afterschool ... idr O.O I think i watched TV. Babe & i cooked ! Frank: Bitch, make me a sammich ! ( sandwich ) Me: LOL Rephrase it ! Frank: Babe, make me a sammich ! Me: Rephrase it ! Frank: Babe, can i make you a sammich ? Me: Thats more like it :D LOLLLLL. I usually hate it when people say things like " I wub you " & that junks. But when he says it, its adorable. Yeaaaaah, i dont remember much else. Did homework till REALLY late & i slept past midnight :/

Thursday, January 21, 2010-
I just realized i wrote Jan 20 on every assignment today. LOL Whooooops. Hm .. it rained again, making my hair all flat :/ I love how my hair looks HORRIBLE on school days but super nice on weekends. LOL It sucks ): Uhhh .. found out i have an A in chemistry :) I got a 3.67 or 3.83. Weighted as 4.17 or 4.33 so i guess its all good. Uhhhh .. what else ... OH ! I'm getting SO irritated w/ this girl at school. I'm so so so scared she'll read this so i don't wanna be too specific. But seriously, don't gotta announce stuff aloud about me ! Its MY face isn't it ? Can't i do w/e i want with it ?! Leave me alone ! Ughhhh. I'm TRYING to be nice but seriously, if you do something like this again, imma explode. LOL I always try to keep everyone thinkin that i'm sweet & innocent. Just to see who would take advantage of me. Oh, another thing. When i'm standing alone, don't come over and tell me i look lonely & s
tart introducing me to people. If i'm standing alone, i CHOSE to do it ! I don't need your help -.- I don't want you to pity me & make me look like a fool. I perfectly fine without you. MKAY, ANYWAYS. So i got home @ 1 & watched CSI:NY, Manswers, 1,000 ways to die, & Teen Mom. Ate shanghai dumblings. Tried on contacts w/ full face makeup, it was UNSUCCESSFUL. My god, my makeup got everywhere & when i got it in, it hurt so bad cause i had makeup w/ it. LOOL I don't think that's good so i just took it out & stopped. I plucked my eyebrows w/ this ELF stencil kit. Didn't really work so i ended up doing it freehand. Uhhhh .. washed my eyelashes & now they look BRAND NEW. Yaaaay, i've used them all week & they're still not broken. LOL Finished my homework pretty early :) Yup, pretty much the end of everything.

I MOST LIKELY will be going on a vacation to Shanghai AGAIN this summer ! YAAAAY. We're gonna use the $400 we made on our site so far & purchase a ton of accessories & nail products & cute stuff from China to sell :) You guys will LOVE that huh ? LOL They got the cutest shit. Oh, and FRANK & CHRISTIAN are coming too ! AHHH, a getaway trip w/ my boyfriend ?!?! How amazing will that be ?! Hehe :) We gotta keep a distance in China though LOLL Cause my family is VERY conservative there. EEKKK, it'll be so fun. M
y boyfriend's gonna be meeting EVERYONE in my family :) I can't wait to show him how Shanghainese people live it up. LOL Gonna party day & nighttt forsure. I'm so excited, i seriously hope we go :D ...


^ Sexxxxxxxy!

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