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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let me share with you-

I've never gotten the opportunity to recap on my days ! LOL Well, i'm bored right now anyways, so why not ?

Thursday, January 14, 2010-
This was the last day of finals for me :) Hm, so i went to school from 8-12 ish. My sister & her boyfriend came to pick me & Frank up from school. We went to Serramonte ! I bought Sandy a birthday present, a pair of black jeans, 3 tops, & 10 different accessories ! Uhh, then we went to Office depot & i bought all the colors of sharpies ! In the thin kind & thick kind. Hehe, i've ALWAYS wanted to do that. But they were always too expensive for me. I decided to just buy it -.- LOL Then we went to Petsmart for my doggggy. LOL Got him HELLA toys & treats. I bought hm cat toys cause i thought he'd like it ! It was little balls in different prints with bells in them ! The dog toys were all teddybears. He doesn't need anymore of those. LOLLL So yes, i bought my dog cat toys. Is that a crime ?! >:/ Hm .. i can't even remember what else i did. Played some games ? Uhhh .. that's about it i can recall.

Friday, January 15, 2010-
Didn't go to schoool ! Slept to only 10:00 LOL My sleeping schedule's normal now. Went to my mom's salon @ around 12. Got shorter layers & dyed my hair more black cause it started fading. Babe got a haircut too. Went home at around 2 ! Took hella pictures for our siteeeee. That's so freakin tiring. LOL Cooked dinner ourselves, ate, washed the dishes. Vivian did BlogTV while i edited pictures for the store. From 8PM-1AM, i worked on our site. LOL Crazzzzzzzzy. I had to upload it from my camera to my comp. Resize, fix the colors, put the back/front pictures together, & add the " Our Signature Style " words on it. Ughhhhh, then i gotta upload it to weebly & title it, add a description, & decide on a price. LOL It's a bunch of work & a long process. Anyways, slept at like .. 2AM.

Saturday, January 16, 2010-
Woke up thinking its Sunday ! LOL But no, it's only Saturday and i got 2 more days left :) This is the longest & chillest weekend ever. " Chillest " ? Wtf am i thinking. LOL ANYWAYS, got ready at around 12. Babe went to get his dad's car & came back to pick me up. Omg, i was pussy ! We were breaking a bajillion rules and i'm a goody goody. When it comes to breaking rules/ laws, i will NOT do it ! We walked like 2 blocks cause there's no parking near my house. Sat in the car for 2 minutes for me to calm down. Most people would be excited, but instead, i was hyperventilating ! :))) I made him take the non 19th ave way cause i was scared. LOL He listened though ! Hehe, he's really good at driving. It's really smooth. But he gotta fucking keep his hands on the wheel and stop looking at me ! >:/ I kept screaming " CAN YOU PAY ATTENTION ?! " LOLL I'm a really safe person. Better safe then sorry ! Got there & parked & shit. Shopped for an hour or so. I only got a top @ F21. LOL We went to trader joe's to get packs of Alfredo :) That's the best shit EVER. You guys HAVE to try it ! CLICK; It looks like that ! Best shit everrrrrrrrrr. Stocked up on that. Drove to Safeway. Bought frozen fries & buffalo wings :) Got some starbucks. Drove back home & yup ! Now i'm here. LOL I'm waiting for weebly to finish being under maintenance so i can upload the rest of the items. Oh look ! It works now ! LOLL KK, ttyl. I'll upload pics from today. I only have a few ):

" Haters are just confused admirers who can't understand why everyone likes you. "

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