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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all out there.

You guys will probably hate me for this & i'm expecting some hater posts.
I hate how ' ' is all out there now. Everyone has it. It's nothing special anymore ! & yeah, i know what you guys are gonna say. " It's a website, you don't own it. Its public anyways ". It's just my biter instincts kickin in. LOL Then again, it IS my blog. & i CAN post whatever i feel. But yeah, damnnnnn girllllls. Im gonna try to find something else interesting to do w/ my blog. I'm already thinking about short videos but i want something else too. It's like, they don't even have a blog ! They put it on facebook & shit & all the submits are from their friends saying hi. Maybe you guys can do that on aim ? LOL W/e, i'm going crazy. I'm overthinking stupid shit & being a selfish bitch. Okay, i'm out. Homework time !
I just liked it better when it was unique, that's all.

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