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Monday, January 11, 2010

How was your day ?

Hello ! How was your day ? :) Well, i just got home not too long ago. Just got settled in & so i'll just rant a little. It was a long day. A bunch of reviewing & finals. My chemistry final was pretty easy ! I know i didn't fail but i know i didn't ace it. LOL So i'm guessing around a B. I'm satisfied :) For P.E, i ran 4.25 laps in 10 minutes. Thats a little above a mile & so it's an A- :D I'm happy ! Thats pretty good. But i got a humongous headache now :/ I look like CRAP and my hairs all flattt. I'm hella tired though so idc. I'm not gonna take pictures ! There's nothing special. Uhhhh tomorrow i have Chinese & Modern World finals. I studied for chinese a little yesterday & i'm just gonna try my bestttttest ! I gotta study all night for Modern World. -.- It looks really hard. Gahhh, i'm hella nervous for my algebra final. I'm gonna fail miserably. Ughhhhh. Id be happy if i got a C. My mom was supposed to go get me " Very Sexy Hair Spray " today but she didn't. Rawrrr, i'm sad. LOL Babe left already. He said he MIGHT come back at like 7 to bring me dessert & shrimp balls ! + to study w/ me & spend some time. How sweeeeeet :) I hope he can but i'm trying not to get my hopes up. LOL Okay, i'm gonna start studying now. Trying not to procrastinate. Byeeee ! Post on my formsrping, i'll be checking up on it throughout the night :)

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