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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Helllllo :)

So i've been studying all day. About to start on chem ! Haha, i have 2 finals everyday from Monday - Thursday. But i get out early so it's all good ! :)) I just realized that i have scene hair. LOL I have been calling it " Short choppy layers " for the longest time, not realizing that its EXACTLY scene hair. -.- Probably cause when i hear " scene hair ", i think blonde hair w/ weird colors in it & humongous ! But yeah, i have scene hair. LOL
LOL It's the length i wanttttt. I don't want that much bangs though. Haha, okay, enough of hair. Im just gonna be sitting here studying. Post on my formspring ? Yeah ? :) I can't believe i've answered 329 questions JUST on LOL I bet i've answered almost 1,000 from wufoo, fomrspring, & altogether. That's crazzzzzzy ! Thanks for everyones support though :) Loveeeee youu guys ! Haha, short videos coming AFTER finals. Maybe. Tehehe
Don't play this game with me cause bitch, you know i'll play it better.
BAMMMMMM. ^ I like that :)

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