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Monday, January 25, 2010


This is why i don't post it up :/

I don't mean it meanly or anything, buhht I thingk you look better without eyeshadow...likee eyes = just eyeliner & mascara. Idk, maybe just cuz I thingk simple looks better. Lol.

LOL It's okay, it's not mean. Ergggg, i've already gotten too used to it ! :/ I might start doing that on my lazy days ! :)

I know fosho that you should put your contacts in before doing your make-up cuz I wear actual prescription kind & I know it sucks to git make-up stuck..hella better to do contacts first.

LOLLL Yeaaaah, i learned it the hard way :/

Do you miss your old friends?

Mhmmmm, of course i do ! ://

Oh yeah, about weighted classes, I go to the same school as your sister & like what she says only applies to where we go cuz other schools weigh them differently. Aha.

Lollll freal ? Idk, my teachers have told me that their class is weighted !

Why do you care if other people use the same sites as you? such as Formspring. I don't like how the website, you wrote "this is mine". if only you used it, the website would be a bust and would shut down. your way of thinking is questionable.

It's just my personality, i can't explain it. I'm so sorry to hear that you don't like a few words I've said. " Your way of thinking is questionable. "; So your basically expecting me to live & think the exact way you do. Correction; YOUR way of thinking is questionable. Honestly hunnie, i could care less about what you OR other people think. It's my life, you don't got a say in it :)

what other upcoming movies do you really want to see? (besides dear john)

Valentine's Day ! LOL That's about it though.

well i'm pretty close to my mom. my dad's the one thats hella strict ! D: welll, i'll talk to you tomorr.w i needa go study for my bio and english final tomorrow ! LOL. by christineqlien

Same here ! My mom makes the decisions though so it's all good. LOL Mkay ! Good luck (;

I'm not sure how you can stop squinting when your about to put in the contact /; Just dont be scared! and you should get use to it ;P

LOLLL Mkay, thank you !

Who was the first to spend the night at your house? christian or frank?

Hmmm, i think it was Christian.

SORRY STEPHANIE. i thougth i was logged in. LOL ! thats the whole point of me making a formspring. so you could see my user adn know its me. LOL ! well my parents are really strict D; by christineqlien

LOL It's fine. Realllly ?! Aww, that's sweet :) Erggggg, just talk to them more & try to gain their trustttt ! They'll eventually loosen up. My parents used to be pretty strict too :/

if you hate it, why don't you get it removed? o_o but i think it makes you special. it's like a beauty mole.

Cause my mommy won't let me ! She say's is special & w/e. Everyone tells me its a beauty mark but personally, i think its ugly >:/

what do you feel about the mole on your lip

I hate it ? LOL I used to get mad when people talked about it but ehhhh, it's w/e. But yeah, i absolutely HATE IT.

hii do you watch korean dramas and chinese drama? if you have time watch "hi, my sweetheart" i think you will like it! i love ur bloggg!!

LOL I used to watch dramas when i had time ): Hehe, next time i'm free, i'll take a look ;) Thankkkks!

okok its done :D i look like a friggen kid trying to be all serious x] i have to idea what im talking about for like half the thingg BLAHH. sorry -.-" i get nervous on youtube LOL

AHHHH, your so freaking cute ! LOL It's adorable how your so nervous. This video made me laughhhh + vivian watched it w/ me :) Thank you SO much LOL It honestly helpeddd ! I get hella scared before putting it in & i start to squint my eyes :/ How do you stop doing that ? O.O Hm, maybe i've been putting it in backwards this whole time cause the 1st time didn't hurt & the 2 times after that, it hurt a LOTTTT. Thank you again ! ♥

what cute site did you find ? LOL (x oh and also my parents are super duper strict !! X__X''

LOL Wait, who is this ?! LOL I get confused cause i got so much conversations going on :/ Sorryyyy. Oh & the site is ( ) Hehe, its so cute.

LOL ! yes i'm nervous ! one of my friends today said i'm gonna die. -___-'' and i'm already scared, she didn't have to say that. well i can't do a week since i'm getting surgery in a week D: andd it sucks because one of my friends sweet 16 is 2 days after my surgery and i can't go to it ): valentines day is our 23rd month. LOL and it's also chinese new year :O and valentines day. LOL (x by christineqlien

Whaaat !? Forreal ?! That's not something to joke about -.- LOL Seriously, you'll be fine ! It'll be over in no time :) Awwwwww, just make up for it the next day you have time ! Or just plan a special date w/ your boyfriend. LOL That's cooooool ! I don't even think i'll be spending v-day w/ him cause its Chinese new years ):

If you have time, can you post some pictures from the past with you and your bf, like throwback pics? Thaanks (:

LOL Yeah, of course. There's not too many but i'll dig out some later on today :)

What do you count as pretty? I mean for like girls. Can you like post some pics of girls that you think they're pretty? TY!

Mhhm, sure ! It's mostly just celebrity's & models that i think are pretty. I'll post it later tonight if i got timeee !

ah stephanie ): i'm sad. LOL. my bf wont be able to go out with me on my birthdayy. so i'ma be wiht my bestiee. and i had it all planned out D: and i can't hang out with him teh day before because i have to get my testing for surgery. then the day after my birthday is a student day off. buht i can't go out with him that day either because i have to go to hospital for other testing for my surgery ! ah ): by christineqlien

:O Awww ! Make up for it ! Spend time with just your bestfriend on your actual birthday & plan a better date a week after w/ JUST your boyfriend ! It's like two birthday :D .. LOL It'll be fun ! Are you nervous for your surgery ? ://

I'm like the same with you with VS lingeries! I'm like obssessed with them!


So far, what has been your favorite year? Your most fucked up year?

My favorite year would be 2008; When i was in 8th grade. It was chilled & fun w/ NOTHING to worry about. My most fucked up year was 2009; Freshmen year. Everything suckkkkked & i had to go through a TON of family health issues :/

waiit, so you have a credit card? but you don't have a bank account?! LOL (: sorry if this requires too much explaining

LOL It's okay :) Yeah, i have a credit carddd ! It's under my Mom's bank account since i'm a minor. It's MY NAME but it charges my moms bank account. Makes senseeeee ?

HEY! its thuy ^^ i made the videoo, but it says two hours remaining until done T.T" so ill send you link when its done :D i dont know if it will help much but yeah!

LOL Heeeeey ! :O Really ?! Thanks ! Hehe, i'm sure it will. Thank you sooo muchhh :)

is frank your 1st bf?

Technically yes cause i consider my previous relationship puppy love. LOL But i had one relationship before Frank & it lasted 6 months.

do you have allowance? of just a creditcard/debt card?

I don't have allowance. I use cash i get from holiday's or my credit card. LOL

when are you sleeping?

11-11:30 ? ): I don't get this homework !

oh i see. i was kinda off. Im turning 18 this year, but at the END of the year. I just recently turned 17 in october. Your not that much younger than me. haha >.<

ooo, Lol your a year older than meee !

Theres a way to make sure you don't put your contacts the wrong way; face the side with the #s up(: & to take it off you can either pinch[i prefer this] or slide if over so its easier to take out. hope this helps(: i love your blog!

First off, thanks ! I don't have #'s on my contacts O.O LOL Taking it off is easy, it's just putting it on that hurts ):

Thats Actually really long. Your 14 or 15 right? Theres people my age that cant even last a year. & thank you, you & your boy friend look perfect together.

LOL I'm turning 16 in a monthhh. How old are youuu ? & thanks :)

what color are your contacts?

Blue/Grey !

ppl on tumblrr seem to just put quotes or pics? why is that ? haha looks cool tho and like it has arrows going down.. iono..

LOL I'm not sure. Personally, i think tumblr is prettier w/ JUST pictures.

Thanks:) . Me & My boyfriend have been together for 3 years & almost 4 months. VERY long i know >.< , HBY & your Boyfriend?

Dannnnng, that's hella long ! We've been together for almost 2 years. LOL You guys are cuteeeee !

does your boyfriend treat your house almost as his own since he is there/spends the night so often? like, does he have bunch of clothes there, knows where everything is, etc

LOL Yeahh, he does. He knows where everything is & has his own clothes, toothbrush, towel, gel, deodorant, & etc @ my house !

Awww thank you, youre pretty too. Your style is Gorgeous. & im glad you find it interesting >.<

LOL Thanks :) It really is ! I like all the pictures you posttt. How long have you & your boyfriend been together ?! O.O

is there someone at your school your age that you think is pretty? or prettier than most people?

Hm, not any sophomores. There's like 3 seniors i think are pretty ! LOL Like REALLY REALLY pretty.

Of course. My Tumblr is :

Thanks :) Hehe, your pretty ! & I your blog is interestinggg :D

what is a tumblrrr ?

It's another blogging site !

Hey Steph. Id like to just inform you, i loved a couple things in you past & recent blogs. & posted them on my tumblr a while back >.< , i hope that okay with you. I love your blog btw :)

Heey :) LOL Of course it okay ! Don't worry about it. Hehe, Thanks ! Would you like to share your tumblrrr ? I'd love to take a look :D

do you know a lot of your sister's friends?

I know at lot of them & hung out w/ a few. LOL

LOL well most of your outfits are dressed up and nice (: by christineqlien

LOL Thank you ! :)

so my brother stole my parents' van and drove it to in n out where he kinda like.. crashed (not like a big crash) into the car parked next to us (in the parking lot). and when he brought the car back there was a huge dent and he lied to my parents and told them it was a hit and run, that someone ran into our car. him and his gf are making me not tell my parents, and i feel really guilty even though i didn't do anything. cuhs i really wanna tell them.. what do you think i should do?

If i were you, i'd talk to my brother & convince him to just tell your parents. I mean, it was an accident & if it happened, then it happened. You can't prevent it ! I'm pretty sure they'd understand. YOU shouldn't tell your parents cause then they'd be supeeeeer angry at your brother. Find a way to get HIM to come clean about it ! I hope this helped & good luck :)

OH MY FREAKING GOSH. you are absolutely amazingly GORGEOUS, no words cant describe how prettty you lookwithout makeup!!! :D can you do that for school?! :]

Are you being sarcastic ?! LOL I don't feel comfortable going to school like that ): But thanks !

u know in SF do they they tna clothing store?

Wha ?

Trial lens are given by your doctor to see if they work for you. Circle lens make your eyes' pupil look bigger. I've been wanting some circle lens but I can't find any at stores. Where specifically did u get yours?

LOL OH ! Mine's are circle lenses then. I got them at " INVU Boutique " in Great Mall, Milpitas !

It seems like everytime when i see you at school you always look at me with a mean look and i'm just like :/ what did i do?!

Really ?! No ! That's my normal, no-expression look. LOL When i'm alone, i kinda have a natural " mean " look. It just makes me feel more safe ? But just smile or say hi ! I promise i'm NOT like that at all O.O

LOL yea winter sucks. buht it's good when you're at home all bundled up ! (x you already dress up thoughh. LOL. by christineqlien

LOL Yeaaah, it's cozy ! No i don't ! I have to wear jackets & layer a bunch of things >://

heey! there's a nina's at stones?! i never knew that.. i always had to go to the serramonte one, but i couldn't go unless my parents took me. where is it? like which part of the mall is it located at?

LOL Yeah ! It's now called " De Masqe ". It's on the 2nd floor near the h&m/ Nordstrom side :)

LOL, it wont be a hassle at all ^^ I would have to make it off youtube though :P So ill send you the link tomorrow when i make itt! Or maybe tonight? asdfghjkl; Btw, its Thuy xP :]

Seriously ? That quick ?! :D Hehe, thank you SO muccccch ! ♥

hey stephanie! who do you watch on utube ?

Heeey ! :) I watch Queen Beauty, Shaytards, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Tila Tequilla, VS, & my sister. LOLL

you ARE SO pretty without hair products and makeup

I'm really not ! Thank you though ♥

i actually dont think a lot of people hate you, or talk about you o-o. ima wash kid, former ap kid too. i don't hear bad things about you D:

LOL Really ? I know that the older kids talk shit. W/e though !

Can you make a video on how you do your hair? =) It's okay if you don't! I know you don't like talking in videos so it's fine (=

Erg, i don't think so ): Sorry ! I'm horrible @ videos ://

same heree ! i hate rainy weather. D: pshh. i bet your nails still look nice (: by christineqlien

LOL They honestly don't ! I can't wait till spring :) I wanna be able to dress up. Winter suckkks.

ohh and what do your nails look like now ? (: by christineqlien

LOL It's all black w/ bronze glitter on half of the nail & leopard print on the other half. I did a really bad job so i won't be taking pictures ://

"LOLLL How come when we're at school, we act like we don't know each other ?!" -- us too.

LOL Who's this ? I never know if i'm supposed to say hi or not, so i just don't. I'm sorryyyy!

Stephanie, can you give me your advice? my boyfriend and i have been together for almost five months, and i just started talking to an old guy friend again, after adding him on fb. we're kinda flirting, more like complimenting eachother, and i realized i never stopped liking him - there was never that 'crush' closure that everyone faces to convince themselves to stop. i think it's really bad that i'm talking to him again like this. he put those butterflies back into my stomach! what do you suggest i do?

Yeah, of course ! I know how you feel. I think that when girl's are in relationship for a long period of time, they miss the single life of flirting & stuffs. It's like, they want the feeling of butterflies again & to flirt w/ someone NEW, other then their boyfriend. Personally, i would try to stop contact w/ the old friend. In the long run, your boyfriend is the one you truly want. The other guy is just a side fling that you THINK you want. But, isn't the one you really LOVE your boyfriend ? Taken girls get bored & would take any opportunity to find someone ' fresh '. When you really think about it, it's not what you want & it's not a good idea. :/ I can't really tell you what to do but this is my opinion. I hope it helps ! Good luckkkk :)

what happened to "blewsz" O__O . im sorry that i'm asking you about your past :/

LOL It's fine ! We just lost contactttt :/

what shampooo do u use ? haha

Garnier Futics !

have u thought about cleaning ur room? lol so messy! so much junk! hehehe

Lolll, all the ' junk ' you see in the pictures, are boxes of stuff for our site. My house isn't big enough to store all of that. Plus, this is my computer room, not my actual room. My real room barely has anything in it.

don't those chocolate things... expire? or something.

Yeah, probably ? I'm not about to eat it or something o.O

i think you're prettier when you're smiling than when you're not. lol, and you have pretty eyes, with or without makeup.

Lolll Thanks.

i think my post didn't send ): well i hope there's not anotehr storm ! D:

LOL Same hereeee ): I hate this weather. It brings my mood down !

hii.. i read your blog everyday and i hope you dont mind me asking this question but are you a virgin? if you dont wanna answer its okay :)

Heey :) LOL I don't like to answer questions of that sort. I'm sorry ! :/

hi how tall are you?

I'm 5' - 5'1" ? LOL Real shorttttt.

How come vivian got braces and you didn't?! :O

Cause i always thought i had 4 more baby teeth ! Hehe, turns out i don't & i wasted a ton of time. :/

There's this boy and he's flirty but i dont think he realizes that. a lot of girls like him, but actually, he's pretty mean in a jokingly way to a lot of people even girls. hes not mean to me though. but i wouldnt say he "flirts" with me either.any ideas?

Wait, i don't really understand what your asking advice for :/ It's not really clear. Can you explain again ?

Do you tease your hair? &What product do you put on your hair before you make it have more volume?!

Yup, i tease it. Nothing ! I just tease it in layers & i hair spray it :)

mmm its cuhs of the awkard last year thinggggy :p not between me and you i mean .. yeah._. i hope i'm making sense by superchuuu

LOL, it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. Yeaaah, it makes sense LOLL

hehe, my tumblr is it's not too interesting, but yeah (x hopefully it won't bore you too much xP

Thannks for giving me credit when you do re-post :)) Nu uh ! It's not boring !

D0 y0u kn0 wh0 dat MandY chick is fr0m Linc0ln ?

Mhm, she used to be my besterest friend. Why ?

why did you and mandy stopped hanging out ;O

Hm, something happened w/ shit talking & rumors. We had beef for a while & then decided to just forget about it. LOL We're cool now & talk like once once a year o.O

does jeanie wear makeup

Nope, Jeanie doesn't wear makeup. She got some yesterday though, so she might startttttt!

do you stillll hang out with erica? :o

Lol Honestly, nu uh, i haven't hung out with her in monthhhhs.

i don't think it'll be raining on wednesdayy. hopefully. buht it's gonna rain on tuesday here in LA ): if it does stormm, what are you two love birds going to do ? (:

We're actually gonna celebrate on next Saturday ! I'm pretty sure another storm is comin in :// LOL The only outdoors part of our date is a picnic in the morning ): If it does storm, we'd probably postpone JUST that part of the date :/

what type/kind of boots do u wear when is like rainy days?

LOL I wear leather boots !

does your hair automatically puff up even without teasing it?

Nu uhh :/ If i just blow dry it normally, it's HELLA flat. I have to blow dry, straighten, & tease it a specific way to get it volumized.

How do you edit your pictures?I hellla love the quality and color lol

I normally don't edit my pictures anymore, so it's my camera quality. When i do edit it, it's with Corel Paint Shop Pro X.

vampires are in[: by superchuuu

LOLLL How come when we're at school, we act like we don't know each other ?!

Do you get cold sores? ): I have a gigantic one right now and its driving me crazy!

Awwwwww :/ Nu uh, i never get cold sores !

omg you have wisdom teeth too ? LOL. i have mines buht idk when i'm gonna pull them outt ): -christine by christineqlien

LOL Yeah :/ I'm scareddddd ! Im probably gonna try to stall on thattttt :)

i read your post about your teeth i think they're kinda cute .__. LOL & i'm sure another people think so too[: by superchuuu

LOL Really ?! I think i look like a vampireeee >:/

steph ! im really sorry to say but i dont think the oil scar on ur hand would go away >;/ . i had my scar from cooking oil since 08 and its still here.. ;/ idk, it may just be me :/

O.O Aww ... LOL My sister said so too -.- Cause she got a scar from cooking. Danggggggits ! Stupid boyfriend >:/ LOLL

Hii stephanie :D I read your blog and you said you've been having trouble putting in your contacts xP ive been wearing contacts for the past two years :P Do you want me to make like a video on how to put them in and like some tips? Cause i know some ways you may be putting them in wrong, cause when i first wore them i was putting them in like the opposite way and so it stung and yeah soo yeah ^^ i can make a video if you want ;P

Heeeey :) LOL If it won't be a hassle than sure ! I really wanna wear them :/ LOL Could you ? Thanks for the offer, it's sweeeet ! :D

well, they said if its gets bigger than 3 inches then it's like yea D: you have to watch out for it so then they're just gonna take it out. and yes ! we have a lot in common (: congrats on your relationship too. 2 more days til your 2 year (: excited ?!

Awww :/ I'm sure you'll be fine though :) Hehe, thankssss ! Yeah, i'm REALLY excited but we can't even do anything outdoors if its storming ! :/

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