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Sunday, January 24, 2010


do you think you're beautiful? because i think you are wait is this a question? =[

Yes, it's a question ! LOL & honestly, NO. I don't think i'm beautiful, i'm seriously no where close. I always feel REALLY ugly & i sometimes, i get mad when i look into the mirror. Ehhh, i have no self confidence what so ever. I'm not being modest or fishing for more attention, i honestly hate my physical appearance. Ughhhh :// Thanks though ! LOL That's sweet :)

did you get that lip plumper?

Nu uh ): I can't handle putting it on everyday. It REALLY hurts ! LOL

okay, this isn't suppose to be like a smart ass comments or like anything gross LOL but uh do you wear thongs? or like find them comfortable? Cause my sister got me somee and i was like O.O how the hell am i suppose to wear that? LOL

LOLLLL, i wear them everyday. Hm, at first, it'll feel like a non-stop wedgie but once you get used to it, it's more comfy than normal underwear. LOL Just don't wear one thats HELLA HELLA tight cause it's not good for you & it'll be uncomfy :/ If it's a perfect fit, you won't feel it & it's really comfy. LOL Give it a try ! Wear them on special occasions or w/ skirts/ dresses/ & leggings !

what camera do you use?

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS !

the only sophomore class that gives you an extra point is chemistry honors. english honors and advanced algebra honors doesnt give you an extra point.

Lollll really ? Oh well, then i have a 4.0 ! Idk, my sister said it does ? W/e i don't care too much.

stephaniee. so i got my ultrasound todayy again. and the nurse said that everyone gets a cyst and when it pops thats when you get your period. buht mines didn't and it just kept growing X_X 3inches ! ah LOL.

;O HOLY CRAAAAP ! Awww :/ It's not dangerous though right ? You'll be fine after surgery right ?! Ahhhh, good lucccccck ! I'm here to talk to & update if you want :)

HEY Stephanie! It's Michelle from your chem class. :) Wow, I just found your blog and thought it's pretty interesting! I'm amazed that there are SO MANY people reading your page!

Holy crap, really ?! LOLL Aww, thanks :) This is the first time someone @ school actually told me. I REALLY appreciate it. How'd you find my blog ? :D

do you have a youtube account? Where are you posting videos?

LOL I have a youtube account w/ no vids. Uhh, i was gonna start video blogs on my blogger but it didn't work out. If i do make a video, it'll be on my blogspot !

i hope you don't mind but I occasionally "reblog" your cute quotes onto my tumblr (: & I THINK I may have saw you today @ stones

LOL Of course i don't mind ! What's your tumblr ? :) Yeah, i was at stones today ! LOL So yuuup, that was me :D

i just choked on my drink >___<

O.O Are you okay ?! LOOL

which variety store you go to?

The one on clement & 4th/5th ? LOL I liked it :)

i loovve that white jacket you wore in that OOTD pic!! May I ask where you bought it? :3

LOLL Which one ?! The one from yesterday is from ' Ninas '. The leather one from a while ago is from ' Styles for less ' :)

when you said the thing about the hella pretty girl and your boyfriend not turning around i thought that was hella shows he really loves you and only sees you as his only girl.

Hehe, yeaaah :)

the last part of "let me share with you" was SOOO cute! ;D

LOLL Thankssss !

Where was the fire? the alarm started ringing while i was walkin to go buy food and by the time i got back, the dismissal bell rung so idk what happened!

LOLL It was in the shop building ! I saw our principle walk up the stairs w/ a fire extinguisher O.O

LOL ! ohh. i didn't know it got cut off ! D; well you know how you had to choose between frank and some other guy ? i had to choose between my bf adn this other guy too. LOL. i was pretty confused buht i made the right choice! i've been with my bf for 22monthss (: and you now when you say you're alone at lunch or somethingg. and people stare at you or give you looks, peopel do that to me too. LOL.

LOLL Hollly crap ! We got a lot in common :) Congradulations on your relationship w/ you boyfriend ! LOL Damn just fucccck those girls ! Give a harder look in return >:)

hii steph..i was wondering where do u get your sweats at? they lookso comfy!

Either @ Target or Foot Locker ! :D

where do you get your nailpolish

All my OPI nail polishes are from CosmoProf.

how do you know there are rumors of you in wash? like what kind?

I don't think there's any rumors of me @ Wash o.O None that i know about anyways. LOL & i'd NEVER tell anyone what the rumors are. Cause, doesn't that just spread it more ?

Did your sister&her boyfriend graduate from high school?

Can you please ask questions about them on HER formspring ?! Uhhhh, her boyfriend's in college & my sister's graduating this year.

aww stephanie! haters out there are just jeolous of what you have(great boyfriend,family,bestfriends), seriously. i bet you have 10x more positive comments than the hater comment :)

LOL Awwwww, this is sweet ! Thankss for the supportttt :))

what is for love? where is it?

LOL It's a spin off of Forever 21. It's located @ Serramonte & it's just full of accessories !

where did you get your false eyelashes?

Walgreens ! I got my new ones @ a booth stand thing in Great Mall.

do you suck your boyfriend's dick like your sister?

Hunnie, grow up ! I don't wanna waste my time on some immature airhead that's hiding behind a computer screen. Sorry sweetie.

why was 911 called for you twice?

Faintingggg !

Your new layout is cool, but I'm like afraid to death of snaakes, so I think i won't be able to post some questions until you change it. I'm not saying to change it, i'm just saying i dont like snakes >_<>

Lolll really ? I'm terrified of snakes too but not on a computer screen O.O Sorrrrrry ! Hahaha.

VARIETY STORE! omg!I was obsessed with that store since i was 4! O.O they had really cute pencils and then changed into a super girly store with nyx products,nailpolish, & LOTSSSS more!! :D def go!

LOLLL REALLY ?! I wanna go tomorrow but i don't wanna bus in rainnn ): Hehe, i HELLA wanna seee :)

I have to comment about your question on why you think wash is the best. I go to lincoln and not all girls are "stuck up" here. every school has stuck up people and wash has drama to you just may not be having any of that.

Wha ? Lol, the end doesn't make much sense. It's just MYYY opinion. I KNOW washington got the bitches too but it's MY pick of the ' best ' school. LOL I never said alla them were, i just know that the majority are. There's a ton of rumors about me roaming around there, it's ridiculous. -.- Btw, lets be over w/ the school subject. LOL I think i'm explaining myself clear enough.

I feel like I need my boyfriend so much more than he needs me. I feel like I care so much and he doesn't care enough. :\

Awww :/ I know what you mean ! Have a talk w/ him about it, he'll put more effort for you :) Don't try to cater to him & chase him. It'll make him want you more & wanna be w/ you more often. When you don't chase them, they come chase you !

i'm not really sure what i'm going to do for my birthday ! probably go out wiht my bf and bestfriend ? i'm not that close to my friends anymore. LOL. so yeaa. and you now how you said that when you first got with frank you liked someone else and had to ch

LOL Same here ! I don't even wanna be w/ my friends actually. Hm, this question got cut off ! :// Wanna finish it ? :D LOLL Oh & i hope you have fun on your birthday ! Update me on it after ? :)

i'm not sure if your sister uses formspring =s where is christian from? like his ethnicity??

LOL She has a now & she DOES use itttt. Christan was born here & he's 1/2 Chinese, 3/8 Filipino, 1/8 Spanish- SPAIN NOT MEXICO.

LOL about the school thing. I think that all Lowell, Lincoln, & Wash have drama & stuck up girls. (: Maybe you consider it that way because you know more stuck up girls @ Linc than the nice & considerate ones hahah, just saying and You think of Lowell that way cause Vivian goes there. & Wash is the best for you because you don't know know many kids (: Just my take on your viewpoint :D

I know all of them got stuck up bitchesss ! It's just, Wash is the most chilled to me out of the three. I'm not saying i like Wash. I seriously hate it there but its the best. LOL

Are your contacts a trial? Are they circle lens? How much were day ?

A trail ? Circle lens ? They were $20, non-prescription. I don't know too much about contactssss !

Hi :) Did you get any compliments on your bangs & eyelashes at school this week ? Haha

LOL Nu uhhh ! No one ever approaches me for ANYTHING !

wait you dont like tae yang huh? ur probably the only girl i know who doesnt like like him. haha. but yeah i think hes alright but i wouldnt go ga-ga all over him. shitt krazy ass girls nowdays. "hes my hubby" oh please..

LOL I don't NOT like him. I think he's okay looking, just not enough to drool over. I hate how cocky he is. I mean, if your buff, be modest about it ! LOL Plus, i don't like skinny, buff guys. I like them BIG with broad shoulders :) Yeah, i think girls over-obsess a little. LOL

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