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Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is beyond a lot.

hey steph..I think that girl should realli leave you alone.I mean what does it have to do with her when you're standing alone and just hang out by yourself.and about the weather.same. here.the wind just kills my hair and when it pours I look like shit

Heeey ! Seriously. It's like she pities me which pisses me off >:/ LOL I hate the rain + wind ! I always end up looooking horrrible. It's okay, its ALMOST spring :) Hehe, thanks for your opinion btw !

How often do you get sick? I'm like such an unhealthy girl; I'm always sick! There's no month where i'm not sick -.- & sometimes, i'm too sick that i have to stay overnight in the hospital. ugghh!

LOL I get sick like once every 2 months ? When i'm sick, i'm sick for OVER 2 weeks ! I have a pretty bad immune system :/ Awww ! Try to eat a ton of veges & start paying more attention on your health. At this one point, i watched EVERYTHING i ate & i was super super healthy. It really works :)

what is weighted and unweighted mean for grades ?

LOL When your in an honors or AP class, the weight is higher, meaning your grade is worth one more step higher than a regular class. So lets just say i got a 4.0 & i have 3 honors classes. UC's would calculate it as a 4.5 ! Am i making sense ?

where did you buy the contacts from? and are they prescription ones?

Nope, i got these first to see if i can HANDLE contacts. I didn't wanna pay hundreds for prescription ones if i'm not gonna wear it :/ I got them from INVU Boutique @ GreatMall !

why do girls want "big eyes" ?

Cause its prettier ? Idk, i personally think big eyes are pretty but when it's TOO big, it gets scary. LOL

whats you youtube channel name cuz i wanna see your video blogs

LOL I don't put them on youtube ! When i make video blogs, i'll just upload it on to my blog. They are NO WAY going on youtube ://

where did you get your contacts from ? theyre so pretty!

LOL Thanks ! I got them from INVU Boutique @ Great Mall.

Where did you get your contacts?

INVU Boutique @ Great Mall !

what is your everyday makeup ?

LOL Long process. A quad ( i switch around according to my outfit ), Cream liner, Eyebrow pencil, False lashes, Mousse foundation, powder foundation, bronzer, & blush. Hehhhhhh.

Your 'reblog this if you do this' is funnny! XD

LOOOL YEAH ! It's SO fcking true :D

can you take pictures when u have ur contacts and lashes on?

LOL Yeah, i'll do it on this upcoming saturday ;)

Sorry but on your store site, you say how you have worn the clothes either once or never. I noticed you've worn some items more than you say?

LOL The clothes are from middle school & i honestly don't remember wearing them. I don't normally repeat outfits so i just wear them once. Most of the time, i buy things & don't wear them at all, so actually, a ton of it IS brand new. The ones i wore a couple of times, it actually DOESNT say " Brand new " or " Worn Once " on it o.O LOL How can you notice me wearing it if it was like 4-5 years ago O.O I don't even remember myself ! Ahahah

For the store idea thing, I didn't mean for your actual store . . I meant for like when you go shopping at forever 21 or whatever places and if they have any big sales . LOl .

LOL OOOOH, yeah sure. I'll start updating you guys :)

where did you get your contacts at? TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEM; i'd bet you look hella cuuuute.

LOL I got them at a store in Great Mall called " INVU Boutique ". I'll take a picture Saturday :) Hehe, thannnnnnks !

is ok, u dont needa do video blogs if u dont want to.. im sure ur viewers will understand.. i mean not everyone can do what ppl want... is cool.

LOL I'll actually attempt trying again soon :) LOL Thanks thougggggh ! This was sweet :D

Wow, you and your boyfriend been together for a long time. Do you know any other teenage couple that have been in a relationship longer then yours?

Lolll, yup ! Hm, my sister's friend has been in a relationship for 4 years now !

wat do you mean most products for fake eyelashes. is it heavy? what different kinds? i saw some at walgreens where theres like sparkles and blue stuff on it. kinda like a fairytale theme eyelashes

LOL I mean, don't put a ton of products on it like mascara cause they break easier. Well, they don't break, they just start looking clumpy & really fake. LOL Try to keep it as clean & fresh as possible. Yeah, i bought a few sparkly eyelashes :) They're REALLY prettty.

Hey!!!! Omg I love your blog and I read you talking bout how there was another guy involved before your boyfriend. If you don't mind, can you post the whole story up??????

LOL Aww, thanks ! My boyfriend doesn't want me to tell everyone :/ I'm sorry !

i bet all ur blog readers are girls who are in ur classes. be aware! jking. but yeah if i go to ur school i would hella approach you and stuff. im in my 1st year of college, discovered ur sister on youtube and found u! haha hope this isnt creepy =X lol

LOL Nu uh ! It isn't creepy :) I'm pretty sure a lot of them ARE in my classes O.O LOLL I hella wish they'd approach me & just tell me.

You have cool and unique hair! I liiiike.

LOL Really ? I think a lot of people are starting to cut more layers. Hehe, thanks :)

when you buy rings at F21, s it like while you paying for the stuff (at stonestown F21) you look at the rings? or can you just walk up there and look at them to see which you want? cause i mean, when you're paying and you look at them, i think the cashier will be like "stop wasting time" and i'll feel rude for holding up the line. adn if you just walk up to look at the rings, the person paying will be like 'O_O okay weird...." lol weird question but thanks! what do you do?

LOL I've never bought rings at the F21 in stonestown ! I only get them at For Love :) It's WAY more organized & they got a tonnn more then F21. When i purchase things, i just look around the jar's as they're ringing me up. I mean, its there FOR you to buy, i seriously doubt they'd think your weird. LOL But just don't give a damn and walk up to it ! Stay to the side so you don't hold up the line :) If someone starts waiting behind you, smile & tell them your not in line. LOL It's not gonna be a big of a deal :)

how do you remove the glue/jewels from your nails?

LOL I seriously just pick them off with my nails. I honestly don't know how else to remove it :/

LOL. well. i dont think ill be having fun after my tests because i'm getting surgery the week after my finals! LOL yea it's christine :P and my birthday is the 31st of january. i'm 13 days older than you LOL(: so after finals is bday, school, then surgery

Sorry for the late reply ! Aww :/ I'm sure surgery will be fine :) You won't feel a thing, so don't worry ! LOL Just study extra much for finals, it'll be worth it in the end. :O Coool ! Your turning 16 too ?! LOL What're you planning to do for your birthday ? :))

this week is pretty depressing for me when it comes to friends. it feels like a lot of poeple are ignoring me or finding me annoying now D: like i was tlaking to one of my friends and he just stopped replying to me. like first it took him 20 minutes to reply on aim, and then he asked me a question so i answered him. then he never replied back when i asked him a question. and my other friend just like had a status saying "i wish people realized hwo annoying they really are" and i'm afraid she's tlaking about me, but the status was yeterday, adn i didnt talk to her at all yesterday. and some "friends" freaking ignore me on purpose! in the halls i'm like "hi ------" and they look away or go "hey (someone else's name) and wlak to them. and i'm like a couple of feet like 4 feet at most away from them. and they look away! i dont know. when they ask for help, i'm like super super super ready to help them like i go "okay this is how you do..." and i do step by step!. when i ask them they go "idk." sorry its such a long post. lol. but i know that they will ask me for help and i just dont wanna help them if they wont help me. i dont really have any best friends. i'm more of a anyone's friend.

Aww, it's okay ! First off, just stay strong. Don't automatically assume the worst in all situations. If you haven't been talking to her, than it's most likely not you. You might just be over thinking things. If your friends are ignoring you on purpose, then they aren't your friends in the first place. Just forget about them, you can find better one's that'll actually be there for you. Be strong & more independent ! You DONT need them. Especially if they just say " idk " everytime you ask them something. Haha, why would you want them as your friend anyways ! You'll find better, trust me :) If you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here ! If you want immediate response, you can IM me on AIM. Sorry for the late reply :/ I hope this helps & good luck.

why do you buy 10 eyelashes? differnet like style? can you reuse? will the glue like clump?

The deal was 10 pairs for $15 so i just grabbed 10. Yup, they're all different styles ! You can reuse it as long as you keep them in good condition. The most products you put ONTOP of it, the quicker they break !

will nail glue clump? like if you use a lottt?

LOL It doesn't clump. It hardens & there will be this white gross looking layer on your nail. It's NOT pretty LOL I suggest you use as little as possible :)

omg steph ! starting tomorrow, i have 6 days of testing. and finals start next tuesday. ah ):

O.O Awww :/ Study study study ! Just for these two weeks. You can have a TON of fun right afterr. For now, concentrate :)

How do you do your hair? I mean, how did your mom do it?

She cuts a ton of short layers. It's scene hairrr !

don't you think is kinda scary having like probably the whole school reading ur blog. is like u dont have any privacy at all. and for those ppl who are reading it and go to ur school, yall should just approach stephanie and be friends or something.

I was JUST talking about that today ! I don't understand why they don't approach me. :/ It's not scary to me. I'm just curious to know WHO does read my blog ! LOLL Agreeeed. I'm friendly ! >:/

Hi! I have a blog suggestion if you're looking for one. I'm not sure but if you dont know what things you should add to your site, maybe you should let us know if there's any big sales or deals(;

LOL Thanks for the idea but the stuffs are already realll cheap O.O So i doubt we'd be having sales on top of that :/ Sorry !

do u shop at american apparel?

LOL I go rarely & don't own any items from there. It's good quality but i still wouldn't pay that much for one top.

If you back to Shanghai, can you like get stuff from there like anything and put it in your store? I really like the nail stuff too (: Please?

Yeah, of course ! My mom just told me we might go back this summer :)

How can you have a nephew? A nephew is your sister/brother's son...

LOL I call my cousins' son a nephew. I guess thats like a second cousin or w/e but I refer to it as a nephew.

Where does your sister get her nail paint? Like the ones in the tubes in her videos

In China. If you got ?'s about my sister, ask it on her formspring please !

listen to "Down" by Jay Sean. i think it's pretty good :)

LOLL I memorized that song :) Including the Lil Wayne rap ! Tehehe

Congrats on nearly 60k views on your blog!

LOL THANK YOUUUUU :) I haven't been blogging a lot recently :/

hi steph! so my frens 18th bday is coming soon n i was wondering do u hav any gift ideas on what to get her?

Heey :) Hm, how is she like ? The gift really depends on her personality ! LOL I like giving out personalized items that are like engraved. I think they're more meaningful :)

i think people change when they cut their hair shorter. like my friend had long hair, and she as pretty darn nice, but now she cut it to like neck length, and she's pretty ignorant and rude now. idk why people like her! she has like 4-6 "best friends" but

Answering on next post !

she talks bad stuff about EVERYONE to alot of poeple. D:

LOL I don't think hair changes some ones personality ! Maybe she feels more confident about herself so she acts more .. stuck up ? :/ Don't even give her any of your time ! It's NOT worth it.

Haha, girl I know what you mean by everyone's getting a formspring..It's annoying me how everything turns into a trend. /:

LOL YEAHHHH. I'm seeing formspring EVERYWHERE now >:/

Whenever I try to change my hairline it doesn't work cuz my hair's sooo used to the other line. I always change it after I wash my hair & still doesn't stay. =[ When I brush my hair after washing it, I brush ALL my hair back & just brush my bangs forward

Answer on next one !

to the part that I like. How do you make your's stay so it looks good? (:

LOL Aww :/ After you wash it, when its wet, brush it to EXACTLY the way you want it. Like, fix the split & bangs to the style you want. After you blowdry it, it should just automatically stay like that !

how come on ur blog, u get to write a description then post a picture, and then u can write another description and post another picture... O.O how u do that?

LOL Just upload the pictures & there should be spaces between each one. Just click in that space & type ! Plus you can drag the picture to where ever you like. Does that make sense ? :/

what brand/type of eyelashes are u wearing in ur pic? and where do u buy em? it looks nice and NATURAL ! eeeeeeek ! thanks ! :D

LOL Thaaaanks ! :) It's from Walgreens; " Adrea modlash starter kit "

Did you know, your sweet 16 will be on a saturday this year? How perfect! Mine was the same too! =D Just thought i let you know =)

LOL Yuuuup ! I don't think i'm doing ANYTHING though. :// Thanks for telling me :)

where did you get your false lashes at stephhh ? (:

Walgreens ! :)

What brand of false lashes did you buy?

" Andrea Modlash Starerkit " ? LOL Idk, i took them from my mom.

does frank encourage all of your changes? like hair/ eyelashes/ etc.? does he ever go "you don't need to change"?

LOL He doesn't really care. I don't dress to impress him ! I do whatever i likeeeee. I changed my hair & he told me it was really pretty. I put on fake lashes and he said it's nice. LOL He doesn't mind.

LOVING your new hair!! where do you get your false lashes from?

LOL Thanks ! :) I got them from Walgreens.

what do you do at lunch when frank and sandy arent there?

LOL Sit alone ? I really don't mind. Even if they WERE there, i wouldn't mind being alone.

I tried fake eyelashes before. Don't just yank it off! It hurts! Pit some makeup remover on a cotton ball/pad and hold it over it eyelash for a couple of seconds. It will kind of melt the glue and make removal easier! Hope this helps!

LOL Yeah, it does hurt a little :/ This did help, thanks ! :)

ever jealous of your boyfriend talking/hanging out with other girls?

LOL Of course. I'm not gonna lie, i get jealous REALLY easily. I trust him thoughhh, so i barely get jealous anymoreee!

where did you get your fake eyelashes they look so real haha

LOL My mom gave them to me. She got them from like Wallgreens i think !

I saw the cute nail pictures that you posted up! I was wondering for the colorful one with the black overlay, how did you punch a hole in your thumb nail so the charm would go in?? It loooks good! (:

LOL Thanks ! I used this needle i bought in China. It's specifically for piercing your naillll :)

heyy steph (= do you usually wear leggings with long tops or short tops?

Heeey :) Hm, my policy is long tops w/ leggings UNLESS you wear a thong. Underwear lines are kinda gross & disturbing to me. LOL

Can you & Vivian update on the hair accessories when you guys have time? =]

LOL Yeah sure ! :)

Is there really gonna be an earthquake tomorrow?;o

There was supposed to be today ! But i guess not :))

where do you get your rings?

Mostly at F21 :)

Do you have a favorite food? Or just like any types of food: chinese, italian, or etc.

LOL I LOVE eggs, steak, & meat ! I don't really have a favorite type of foood. I just eat anything that tastes yummy :D

heyy steph, when are you going to post up the short videos

LOL I was gonna yesterday but my mom borrowed my camera so i couldn't :// .. I'll do it this week ! I'm not even sure what to talk about yet LOL Any ideas ? :)

Do you wear glasses?

YES. My vision is horrrrrible. I only use them in class thouughhh LOL Imma get contacts soon :)

How do you and your sister decide the price of the items sold on your online store?

LOL We kinda just look at it & blurt out the price. We compare what each of us says & decide on it TOGETHERRRR.

If you want to try some false eyelashes, you should stop this store on Clement :] theres lottss of stuff! :D like those red cherry lashes, are about $1.50 :DD

Omg, i've heard about that store ! I wanna go O.O LOL Thanks for telling me :)

Didn't you say you hated Wash though? I gotta admit, it is pretty boring and we do lack school spirit, but at least it's not as stressful as Lowell and has less drama than Lincoln :)

LOL I do hate Wash but outta Wash, Lowell, & Lincoln, i think it's the bessssst. It's boring though >:/

ohh. its gonna rain for like 2 weeks straight here in LA? ): LOL ! noooo !! i woke up at 6 AM ! LOL. it doesn't matter what time i sleep on weekends, i always wake up super early like at 6 D:

LOL Same here ! >:/ Holy crap, why ?! O.O Unless i wake up at 12PM, i'm tired. LOLL

so how would you get fake nails off if the glue is so strong?

LOL I just pick them off or ask my boyfriend to help me pick at it. I don't think that's good though :/

Hmm, next time you go to Shanghai you should buy some more stuff for your store :D & nail stuff too! it'd be super awesome (: just an ideaa

LOL Yeah, i will ! :D

Compared to Lowell and Lincoln why do you consider Wash as the "best?"

LOL Lowell is full of stress & school oriented. Lincoln is full of drama & stuck up girls. Wash isn't too good either but from what i know, i think it's the best.

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