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Saturday, January 16, 2010


how was your day stephanieee (: - christinee.

Hey ! Sorry this is late :/ My day TODAY was pretty good. I went shopping :D LOL How was yours ? :)

would you cout ur hair shory as your sister?

LOL Nu uhh, i've always loved long hair.

Dont worry stephaniee, i dont think belly piercings hurt.if you go on youtube they show people getting it done and its fast so you wont be able to really feel the pain for that long. It prob just feels how it feel when you get your ears pierced. :]

LOLL Yeah, i watched a bajillion videos on it ! Thanks for telling me ! :)

the piercing depends on your stomach and pain tolerance..almost all my friends have it done and some say it hurt like a bitch, and some actually said it barely hurts! the one who said it barely hurts' skin is pretty "thin" if you pinch it

Reallllly ? My skin is thin there ! Hm, i have a pretty good pain tolerance though. LOL Thanks for telling me ! :)

heyy stephanie [: when are you when are you going to update on your clothing site?

LOL I did last night & i'll continue to tonight :)

STEPHANIE! before you get a piercing, please pleas pleas research about it! about 3 of my friends and 1 cousin got the naval piercing, and like simple bumps or nudges to the piercing will get it infected! especially if you wear clingy clothing!

O.O Yeaah, i heard about that :/ But i really really want it ! LOL I'm willing to take the risk. Thanks for telling me :)

How often do you carry your camera with you?

LOL Everytime i go out when it's NOT to school.

how many finals do u have? cuz for us we have 2 finals per day. so 3 days total. but we dont hav our finals yet. its the last wk of jan. so u think u did well on your finals??

LOL I have 8 ! Two each day for 4 days. It's cause in chem, i have a written & lab. In gym, i have a running & written. Hm, i think i did really well :D Good luck on yours ! :)

do you use facewash or anything? you have really clear skin! & i've been wearing sweats to school for finals too! so comfy [:

LOL My skin is SO messed up ! I have freckles & pimples :/ I use " Saint Ives Apricot Scrub ", i think it works pretty well. Hehe, i love wearing sweats now !

this huge flirt was like pretty darn nice/sweet to me today. i think he stopped flirting as much but who knows. now, on aim, he's like making me feel guilty about hurting his feelings and now he just stopped replying to me -.- he sucks LOLOLOL

LOL Awww, boy's are confusing. Hang in there ! :D

whered you get earthquake prediction from? <---- That site !

when are you updating your clothing site thing?

LOL I already uploaded the earrings & i'll do jackets later tonight ! I'll post the link on my blog when i'm finished :)

HEY! im about to do my nails but I need ideas... I really like your nail designs and I'm hoping you will post up old and new photos of your nail! thanks...

LOLL Sure ! I'll do that now (:

i think A LOT of girls at our school read your blog, or has talked about it.. i get what you say abuot the immature thing, but not EVERYONE is. i guess people can be immature &act stupid at times but they can be serious & mature too. haha give them a try?

Really ?! LOL Omg, i wanna know who. I've never told anyone at school about it or talked about it. I do give them a try ! No one approaches me or puts any effort into me, so why should i ? LOL When someone does, i'll be sure to do the same back. But for now, there's no one.

OMG IS THAT EARTHQUAKE REALLY GONNA HAPPEN ?! ugh . i'm fucking scare dof earthquakes ! and i live in LA ): - christine.

LOL It's okay, so am i ! The prediction changed, it's only gonna be a 5-6 :) Don't worry, we're gonna be fine !

no way, its YOUR blog. take your time hun! you're doing this for yourself, not us.

AHH, your so sweet. This made my day ! :) Hehe, thank youu ♥ is so fuckin cute..cutest thing ever..just look at the I love your hair

LOLL Thanks :)

i ordered form you guys and the clothes smell good it smells like cucumbers? loll do you guys spray it?

LOL Really ? Nu uh, we don't spray it O.O

how do you get your hair so volumed at the top!?

LOL Really short layers, the way i blow dry it, the way i straighten it, hairspray, & teasing ! It's hard to do :/

so i'm looking at peoples' buddy infos on aim, and a bunch of them have ""'s. i remember when only you had it.. or when you were the only person i knew who had it.

Agreeeeeed ! It's everywhere now. LOL Oh well, idc anymore.

Damm i got my computer taken awaay! im using my friends tho, but i havent checked your blog in 2 days! it feeels weird HAHAHA

LOL Awww, why'd you get it taken away ?! LOL Really ?! Hehe ♥

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