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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Formspring.Me ( 22 )

what kinda of asian is frank?

He's Chinese- Cantonese. LOL


Whaaaaa ?

your wolfbear collection hehe :)


I wishhh i had an older sister that i can chill with & shop with & that can drivee -__-

Aww :/ The one's who do, hate it. The one's who don't, wish they did.

Would you recommend gitting a cartilage piercing with white gold or yellow gold? Which one did you git?

Hmm, i'm not sure but i just got white gold.

You don't use an angled eyeliner brush?

Nope, i think the smudge brush is easier. I don't follow the rules, i do whatever I like better :)

Aw im jeaaalous of your bf, your sister, & your sisters bf. you guys are seriously like a familyyyy

Aww :/ Thank you !

Hey Stephanie, can you give me the link of the 100 reasons why you love your bf? cause my friend wanted to do one, and i thought your post can maybe enlighten her(: thank you!

LOL Of course ! ( ) It's really cheesy :)

do you like school ?

I hate the people but i don't mind doing the work. So yeah, i like school, minus the people. :)

ahhhh, i hate the people too . i don't mind being alone and all in class, but it's just that the people i see makes me hate it

Yeahhhhh >:/

" I hate the people but i don't mind doing the work. So yeah, i like school, minus the people. :) " ^ Holy fuck! I'm exactly the same&alone like you cuz I hate opening up to people. They thingk I hate school cuzuuh the work, buht naah it's the people! Aha

LOLLL Agreeeeeeeed.

Yeah, I thingk only does the cut off thing cuz regular formspring doesn't...I just noticed that. Haha. Maybe it's cuz is like what you said...easier cuz you can do it on the spot & it's supposed to be shorter ? Idk. Haha.

Yeah :/ You guys can separate it ! Ahaha, i won't mind. :)

can you post up the name of the stores you shop at???? i'd really apperciate it!

Sure ! I'll just brain storm them right here: Nina's, F21, Agaci, Love Culture, 579, Styles for less, Papaya, Wet Seal, For Love, Charlotte Ruths, Rave, H&M, Victoria's Secret, Cathy Jeans, Aldo, Coach, Juicy Couture, & that's all i can think of at the moment. LOL

Durinnng class, when yoou get free time, what do you do? I meaan since you hate the people at your school & since yoour quieet.

Text, other homework, or nothing. LOL How depressing.

When yoour bfs sick or somethinng, who do yoou hang with during break & lunch ? :/

Sandy ! Or i just stay alone. I REALLY don't mind. LOL

Yooour so damn pretty! :)

No i'm not ! Thanks though :)

When yooour alone at school during break or lunch, what do yoou do ? :/ Sometimeees that happens to mee, & i jst go to the bathrooom & wait til lunch ends ...

:O Aww :/ I just sit alone. Or i stay w/ Sandy ! But i wouldn't use anyone JUST so i'm not alone. I don't really mind !

Are there alot of hypebeasts @yoour schoool?

LOLL A fewwww. I don't like hypebeasts !

I dont geet it, why do yoou hate the people at yoour schoool? There MUST be a group of friends that yoou like ?

Honestly, theres not a single group i like. Their immature & idk, i just don't like them. -.-

When yoour alone during break/lunch, what do yoou do ? like sit by yourseeelf? Cos when i am, i go to the bathroooom -__-

://// I'd probably just sit on a bench & text. LOL don't go to the bathroom ! Sit somewhere nice & comfy :)

How are the peoplee at your schoool immature ? i meaan you are young ! LMAO

They all act like how i was back in 7th grade. Compared to the friends i hang with OUTSIDE of school, they're immature.

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