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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Formsping Answers ( 13 )

Your thoughts: ----
Dear Stephanie: do u masturrbate?
Answer: LOL oh god. I swear on my life, i have NEVER & DON'T masturbate. Geez. LOL

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Dear Stephanie: have you ever wonder what its like to have never ever had a boyfriend?
Answer: LOL yeah, all the time. But honestly, i'm happier taken then single & i have no regrets :)

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Dear Stephanie: check this out! it's about the press on eyeshadow. i think you might be interested
Answer: LOL Huh ? Theres no link :/

Your thoughts: i can't even BEGIN to tell you how GREAAAAT i think you are(:
Dear Stephanie: what do you do during lunch at school? does wash have open campus?
Answer: Hm, i just hang out w/ my boyfriend & sometimes his friends. LOL Yeah, wash has open campus. We pretty much just go grab some food @ the stores & then we spend the rest of the time in the shop building spending alone time talking. :) Oh & thank you ! :D

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Dear Stephanie: What desserts do you like to eat?
Answer: Hm, my favorite would be sago & cheesecake :)

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Dear Stephanie: can you take a picture of ALL the items you bought on black friday? (including prices and where you bought it) thanks! (:
Answer: LOL That'll take a while but i can describe the item & list where i got it ? But idk about pictures :/// I have a lottta requests to do, i'm sorry ! But i'll try :)

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Dear Stephanie: Would you ever spend over 150 dollars on a pair of jeans?
Answer: LOL The most i have spent was $80. Probably not though, i don't think its necessary :/

Your thoughts: =)
Dear Stephanie: Do you have any favorite colors?
Answer: Silver, Red, & Teal. :)

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Dear Stephanie: Thanks for the font site!
Answer: LOL No problem !

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Dear Stephanie: I was wondering if it's hard for you to put on cream liner? you're probably really good at make-up & stuff, but i'm not really that good & i was wondering if you think its good for non pro make up people. lol. Thanks!
Answer: LOL I'm horrible at makeup :/ But i don't think its too hard. The problem is, if you mess up, its really noticeable; like it had to be a perfectttt line. Plus, its REALLY hard to remove :// Its pretty much like liquid eyelinerrr. Your welcome :)

Your thoughts: great blog ! keep it up
Dear Stephanie: i was just wondering where you get most of your earrings, since i'm in love with earrings too ! (:
Answer: LOL Hm, i get them at like random small stores @ GreatMall. The Flea Market has earrings for like a buck but i've only went there twice :/ Umm, i don't get them from claires or icing cause its overpricedddddd. & Thank You :)

Your thoughts: (: hahah! i laughed out loud @ the greatmall pic!
Dear Stephanie: So, I watch your sister's videos and for some reason--no offense to her!!--I somehow find you more interesting than her (x TEAM STEPHANIE?? hahah
Answer: LOL, we just have really different personalities. Aww, kinda mean though :/ But thanksss. I'm pretty sure people say that about me to her though.

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Dear Stephanie: ur boyfriend can drink? O.O
Answer: LOL He has but he doesn't like it. He never does anymoreee.

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