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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My day ..

I Have A Confession ..
It's kinda funny how you don't have any ideas of your own. -.- Gah w/e, i don't care so much bout biters anymore. Well, not as much as i used to. But yeah, you'll prob read this -.- Go get your own shit ! Okay, enough of thatt. Hm, my feet really hurt. It was supposed to be a girls day today. We were supposed to go ice skating but uh, we were like what, 3 hrs late ? LOLL. this is the 3rd time this summer ive went ' ice skating ' but was late. Gahh LOL i really wanna go ): .. Um, we ended up just goin around dt. Went to ct & alla that. Then stones till it closed on us and we HAD to leave. GAAAAAAY. I only got a top and gloves today. Hm, i have NO idea what im doing 2m. ANYONE FREE ?! GAH -.- LOL i wonder if jeanies free :D .. my feet hurt. I want a foot massage :( .. Stupid boots. Okay, this blog is pointless. I think i should talk about something more serious and write actual confessions .. i can't really think of any right now .. hm .. maybe another time. LOL i dont feel like thinking :) Okie dokes, imma go .. think of new hairstyles, do my nails, and um .. watch another episode of " The secret life of the american teenager " i find that show entertaining :) .. Mkays, bye.

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