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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A million reasons to be happy ..

I have a confession ..
Right now, i am truly happy. I mean, i could think of things in negative directions and put myself down but why in the world would i do that ?! Haha, I have a loving and caring family. I can do whatever in front of them and tell them practically anything 'cause they're there for me. Their hella chilled. My friends; Erica, Jeanie, Marlene. We were split up into different high schools worried we'd fade. Yeah, things happened here & there but we eventually talk it through. Right now, i can honestly say things feel perfect. I can tell you guys ANYTHING and i can completely be myself. I have a big feeling we're gonna stay friends for life. Haha, not to sound hella cheesy and shit but im hella fucking fortunate to have people like them in my life. Also, i have my boyfriend of 1 year & 2 months. He have seriously become a part of me & i need him in my life. We fight & we argue but on the other hand, we laugh & we love. You make me feel a way that no one else can. I don't believe in forever but i have a big feeling your gonna be the one to prove me wrong. I won't let nothing in the world get in our way. I'm one lucky girl .. i love you babesteerrr :) Hm anyways, yeah i'm just really happy & i'd like to thank them. So now i'll blog about my day. Woke up around 11 w/ my boyfriend next to me ( cause he slept over agian haha ). Hm .. kinda just stayed in bed and talked for hourss. The group decided to have a bbq but the grill wouldn't start :/... we ended up trying to cook the hamburger patty on the stove which set off the fire alarm like 10 times -.- Oh well, they were delish :) Hm .. went into the backyard to chill & then the boys had to leave at around 8 >:( Hella damn early but they had to get home ahah. Us girls were exhausted from everything so we decided to go jacuzzi. Haven't done that in a while ! Ahahh, deep girl talked in there and it really made me happy cause i looked @ things in different directions. We stayed there for like 2 hours and got hella wrinkly LOL gross .. ericas feet -.- anyways went to golden island cafe & got food at like 11 :) Came home, ate .. talked a lil more and they went home. I can honestly admit i had the best spring break this year .. i went out everyday except one day andd i chilled w/ the bests. It really made me realize i should enjoy life. It allowed me to see things in a different and more positive perspective. Hm, so how was everyone elses' spring break ?! Ahaha, tell me about it cause i'd love to hear :) Damnit, 2m's homework day, its gonna suck !
P.S: Thanks to everyone who cmmts & reads my blogs. Ahah, it actually makes me happy when i read them & it gives me a reason to keep writing. :)

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