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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lifes too short to dwell on all thats wrong ..

I have a confession ..
Boys are complicated. When i try to chase you and apologize, accept it cause I'm not about to do it again. Stop playing hard to get. I'm not about to dread over some stupid shit. I'm better then that, i can pick myself back up. Fuck off >:/
P.S: Sorry for the cussing, i'm very angrified !
Favorite Song;
You see it all in my smile, you hear it all in my laugh
The way I walk you hear me talkin, no, I'm no longer sad
I've got more reason to smile more now than I've ever had
Open my eyes and realized that nothing's quite that bad
I've got a different approach to dealin' with emotion
Keeping control of my boat while drifting on this ocean
Keepin my head to the sky, keepin tears outta my eyes
Unless happiness be the reason that I decide to cry.
' I know bout standing up saying enough is enough. '
This song mother fucking picks me up.

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