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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happiness/ Movies ..

I have a confession ..
Happiness ..
I've been really happy this entire weekend. Always jumping around, giggling, laughing, smiling. I can never sit still ! I wasn't sure why & i thought i was going crazy; a good type of crazy. After putting a lot of thought into it, i realized its because of him. We had a deep talk on Friday & he really cheered me up. He showed me change & now he sees how much it means to me. How something that small can make such a big difference in my emotions. It improved our relationship, even though its only been 3 days. But now, i'm scared he won't keep it up. Scared that my hopes will be shattered ..
Movies ..
On saturday night, i watched " p.s i love you ". Wowww, what an emotional movie O.O .. It really opened my eyes to how important he means to me .. how i'd be if he weren't here anymore. I'd go crazzzzzzy, just like that girl. Haha, after the movie, i was in tears. :/ Well, if you haven't seen it yet, i suggest you do. It made me realize that i should enjoy every moment spent w/ him, & love him while hes still here. Fuck the fights & fuck the bullshit because if something happened, i wanna have absolutely no regrets. I watched obsessed on friday, and it was REAL good. The love they had was so cute, ahah i wanna grow up to be like that :) Oh, and i watched 21 today. It wasn't amazing but it was pretty good. Whoah, lots of movies recently ! Haha, kay, i'm out !

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